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A former KO grad lectures students on the medical field

Dr. Brian Connolly, a former graduate of class 2003 at Keystone Oaks High School, discussed pursuing the medical field and how to get there on January 24th at 12:30pm in the school’s LGI room.
Connolly had lots of exposure when he was younger. His mother was a nurse at Keystone Oaks. That’s what started him to think about the medical field. Connolly always knew he was going to be a doctor.
“I thought I was going to be a children’s doctor such as a pediatrician. But, now I’m a radiologist (x-rays),” said Connolly.
Connolly loves doing the best for his patients and loves helping them with whatever they need. Before medical school, Connolly went to University of Pittsburgh for two years, then went to Drexel University of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA, for eight years. Med school wasn’t always easy for Connolly. He needed to find motivation to get through it.
“I came so far in life. I couldn’t just end there. I had to keep motivated. And what motivated me was golf, actually. No matter how far the distance you just keep going. You’ll always find a way out.”
Connolly is older now, and he loves playing with his daughter, Emily, who wants to be a doctor as well when she’s older. Before Emily wants to be a doctor she needs to take Advanced Science courses in High School.
“You should definitely take AP bio or any AP science courses. Also shadowing at hospitals is a great way to know what the day in the life of a doctor is. I think that’s also a good thing as well to do,” he recommended.
Connolly's advice is helpful for anyone thinking about pursuing the medical field in life. Whether it’s a pediatrician or radiologist, Connolly’s lecture on his medical career was insightful to the Keystone Oaks students who attended.

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