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Senior traditions continue

New senior tradition at Keystone Oaks

New traditions are being made here at KO. A tradition that started last year for the 2015-2016 school year was the senior stones, and this year the tradition will carry on. Mrs. Hruby, one of the art teachers, is in charge of it all.
The stones are made by hand, shaped out of clay. Some students in the Art Club helped create them.
“We took some clay, made them all into an oval-like shape, making sure they were all different shapes and sizes. We put little divots in the bottom of the stones so they were safe enough to be put in the kiln to fire,” said freshman Autumn Chomas.
They are then glazed a certain color depending on the year. Either black, white, or gold to go along with our school colors. This year they will be glazed white. Once the stones are ready, everyone in the senior class receives one, and they will sign their signature on the stone.
The stones are placed out in the courtyard, in between the library and the fine arts, painting/drawing room. Each year a new class will be placed in creating a circle around the previous year.
Dr. Hartbauer created this tradition.
“I wanted to start a tradition where the seniors could leave their imprint after they leave.”
In his previous schools, they had the idea of leaving hand prints on the wall and having the name and graduation year with it.
Here at KO we wanted something similar, so Dr. Hartbauer and Mrs. Hruby came up with the idea of the stones.
As the years go by and former students come back and visit the high school, they will be able to say they were apart of creating the beautiful piece of art.

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