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Would it be better if KO ran on a different bell schedule for school

At KO, we run on a bell schedule where we go to every class, every day, but at some schools they run on a schedule where they might go to half their classes one day and the other half the next day and rotate like that. It might be more efficient than being in a shorter class every day. If we were in a longer class every other day, it could work out better for the students because they would have an extra day for homework. They would be able to learn more in one class period, so the teacher would be able to help kids and be able to teach the lesson.
“Yes we could probably get more done in a longer period because there's not as much stopping and changing throughout the school day,” said freshman Patricia Jackson.
The only thing to really figure out is how long the class should be and most schools go ninety minutes a period and about a forty minute homeroom period to even out the day, and figure out how long a lunch period could be and how many lunch periods there should be.
“We could possibly make the period an hour or an hour and a half, and about a fourth minute lunch and depending on how many students there are, you can figure out the amount of lunch periods,” said sophomore Haley Orlofske.
Now the question would be which is more productive, seeing the kids every day or seeing them every other day, but for double the amount of time in one day. Seeing them for a longer time in one day could help them with that particular lesson on that day, and they would also get extra time for homework and there would be less zeros in the grading book.
“Yes, that would be more productive for students and teachers to have a longer period in one day, because kids would get more help on the lesson and the teacher would be able to teach more,” said junior Allison Karp.
Some kids have never ran on the even and odd day schedule at school but some have ran on both and apparently the every other day schedule is more efficient.
“I have run on both schedules and I like the every other day schedule better because I get more time to figure out the lesson and if I need help the teacher doesn't have to rush, they can take their time to tell me what to do,” said junior Bryce Mathis (A student who goes to a school that runs on the every other day schedule.)
So it seems like students at KO like the idea of running on an every other day schedule, but it probably happen anytime soon.

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