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KO students prep for Keystone Exams

Over the years, high school and certain middle school students throughout Pennsylvania have been taking the immensely studied for tests known as the Keystone Exams. There are several different categories such as Algebra I, Biology, and Literature that can be taken depending on which classes you’re attending that year.
In the upcoming exams, some Keystone Oaks students say they expect them to be “easier every year because only a small percent of students are passing,” said sophomore Allison Karp.
Studying for these assessments isn’t as complicated as it seems, but the anxiety of taking the exams weigh heavily on learners’ minds. After asking for a few studying tips from certain high school students, they said that they had already passed two of the tests, and it turns out that it’s not too complicated to pass if you put your mind to it.
“I review all my notes and take online tests that are similar to the actual Keystones,” said sophomore Nadine Sadaka.
And while taking these stressful looking tests, you shouldn’t overwhelm yourself and rush through the exam to get it over with.
“Be calm while taking them and don’t try to rush. You also want to be confident in your answers,” said junior Olivia Stumpo.
Keystone Oaks students will be gearing up for the Keystone Exams and taking them in May.

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