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Is there enough time to get from class to class?

Students at Keystone Oaks get four minutes to get to class, but is that enough time?
Can you get to the STEAM room from a science class? Can you get to your locker in between classes?
“It is very hard to get from the STEAM room to the science wing in four minutes, and if you don’t manage to then you get in trouble because of the strict late policy even though it’s not necessarily your fault,” said freshman Patricia Jackson.
Students say there is not enough time to get from the main doors to one of the classrooms on the second floor, but just how long it takes for them to get to their class?
"Sometimes two to four minutes depending on hallway traffic. If there's a lot, I never make it. If there's none, I sometimes make it," said sophomore Haley Orlofske.
Students also seem to have a difficult time not only getting to their classes but also trying to squeeze time in to get to their lockers. Many of the students said they don’t have time to get to their lockers, especially the sophomores and freshmen whose lockers are on the bottom floor.
"I can never stop at my locker in between classes so I usually grab everything before school or stop at lunch, but the textbooks get really heavy and my back will hurt at the end of the day," said junior Allison Karp.
So, how much time do students think they need between bells?
"I think there should be at least six minutes in between bells, because you would have enough time to go the bathroom or grab your books from your locker and get back up the stairs to your classroom," said sophomore Dominic Fascetti.
Students say they can never get to one corner of the school to the other in the required amount of time to make it. Some students have Ms. Chimento’s class and the next room they go to is Mr. Klein’s after that.
"I never make if the teacher’s instructions run late after the bell rings," said Sophomore Melina Kennelly.
So far everybody that was interviewed wasn't able to make it to their class and depending on the teacher’s opinion on being late, they could get a write up or maybe get a detention if it happens enough, even if it's not their fault. If the school changed the bell system to six minutes, it might extend the day because they wouldn't take time out of the classes, but it would better if the day was sixteen minutes longer. It would be fine because the classes would be the same length and not as many referrals would have to be written and there would be less detentions, making the school look good.

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