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A play to remember for KO's juniors

The College Prep English classes in 11th grade read The Crucible by Arthur Miller. The kids and faculty enjoyed it so much and wanted to witness it reenacted in real life. So, they did just that.
The Crucible is a story that focuses on the inconsistencies of the Salem Witch Trials and the extreme behavior that can result from devious yearnings. Miller bases the play on the historical account of the Salem Witch Trial.
Anyone willing to sign up and pay a $5 fee were able to watch the beloved book acted out. Led by Nancy Kraemer, the CP English teacher for all juniors, Keystone Oaks took a field trip into downtown to view an amazing performance at the Hazlett Theater.
Students, like Nick Wachter and Dan Black, expressed their passion for the play by saying, “It seemed like the actors should have been on Broadway” and “my passion for acting was greatly fueled after seeing the marvelous depiction of the book.”
Others, such as Faith Boyes, said, “I like the book more. I can imagine the characters the way I want to.”
After it was all said and done, everyone couldn't have been happier. It was a win for both students and teachers. Hopefully, this isn't the last work of art Keystone Oaks gets to appreciate.

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