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Time to adult

This year I must make a decision. I'm not talking about what I will wear to school or who will be my friends but what I want to do for the next four years or so of my life. What college should I go to? How much will I be in debt? What do I want to major in? Will I get a job in that field or not? These are questions that I must ask myself over and over again till I'm blue in the face. Even when I do decide what the answers are to those questions, there are still more to be answered.
It becomes a clean slate when I get to college. Will I make new friends, have a nice roommate,and what if I get lost? I am having to start all over and it's terrifying. I have gotten extremely comfortable with high school and the people who I’ve been around since I was young. It's difficult to think that I will be alone in an all new place this time next year. College anxiety has gotten the best of me.
Most students stay close to home because they aren't ready to separate from their parents. Those who do go away can end up feeling lost, depressed and homesick. A part of me wants to stay close to home but a huge part of me wants to venture out and become my own person. Some say I'm crazy for going far away and that I won't be able to handle it. Why would anyone be afraid to get out of their comfort zone.Then I started to think to myself, I should do what makes me happy, no matter the cost or how far off it may be. I made my decision. In the Fall of 2016, I plan to go to Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia, and major in photography.
Eventually, I would like to travel and work for magazines or websites taking photos for them, maybe even start my own business when I get more experience under my belt. The opportunities are endless and vast. The college I plan to go to sets me up for all those possibilities with a 97% employment rate after I graduate, which gives me hope that I wouldn't have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on nothing. I can see the bigger picture of spending all this money and four years of my life in a whole new place with an tremendous amount of anxiety for the hope of getting a job in my major.

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