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Marching towards Christmas

On Saturday, December 5th, Dormont borough hosted its annual Christmas Holiday Parade. Organizations such as the Keystone Oaks Golden Eagle Marching Band, the Dormont Twirling Corps, and the Keystone Young Marines marched down the streets of West Liberty and Potomac Avenue. Most of the organizations were Christmas-themed; for example, the Marching Band wore Santa hats, and played festive music. Sophomore Ben Hommrich commented on the tunes.
“I like Jingle Bell Rock the most. I don’t know, it’s [the song] just fun to play.”
The parade, which started around 10:00am, lasted about an hour, and gave way to Dormont’s “Christmas On Main Street” day of events. Events included ice sculpting, horse carriages, wine tasting, and tree lighting.
“There were a lot of ice sculptures on display. They were really neat. I think one was an angel. It was really interesting actually,” said sophomore Hayley Anderson.
While it may not seem too soon, Christmas is only about two weeks away. If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that Dormont has its holiday spirit maxed, and ready to go.

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