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Powderpuff football: From eyeshadow to eye black

The battle of the year at KO is on without a doubt always on the gridiron. One game decides who walks away a champion and who walks away a loser. More than 20 girls leave it all on the field for the chance to be crowned champions of powderpuff football.
In the United States powderpuff games are flag football games between girls from junior and senior classes. This event was a fundraiser for charity for grieving children. All in good fun, the event is held every year but is taken seriously by both grades. In preparation for the game, a total of one practice is held. Victory and success are always streaming through the ladies’ minds.
In previous bouts, the senior class dominated. Interestingly enough, the class of 2016 seniors were victorious when they were in 11th grade. This year they looked to conquer yet again. Unfortunately, they can't dwell in the past. The class of 2017 were out for blood.
Captain of the juniors Mollie Alward expressed her passion for the game.
“I’m going to play like I am in the Super Bowl.”
And play like that she did. Giving it her all, she threw the game's only passing touchdown. Her friend and teammate Jada Jones was a fiend on defense. She described her performance with great pride.
“I had so much fun, and wish we could have beaten the seniors”.
Captain of the seniors Madison Routh and contributor to the team Katie Lehman were able to come away with the win. The game went into overtime when Lehman ran the ball in and won the game. The score was 12-6 seniors. The school hopes to have many more competitive games in the future.

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