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Online health course - what you need to know

Back in June of last year, I and the rest of the 11th grade received a letter in the mail containing a username, password, and link to a website that would host the first required online class at Keystone Oaks: health. This year, the 11th (and some 12th) graders were asked to finish this course by the end of the 2016 school year; however, the amount of students that didn’t even know about this course was staggering. To me, this is astonishing, especially since the year-long online course is a graduation requirement.

While I had nearly forgotten about the class for the whole summer, I decided to finally log in for the first time and give the online course a whirl. Later that week, an announcement was made on the intercom, and October 23 was given as the official deadline to sign up for the class online. When I logged on for the first time, I remember thinking it was the easiest thing I’d ever done. Now given, I took Honors Biology my freshman year, so biological words like cytoplasm and cellulose were no surprise to me. However, I can clearly see the difficulty that this course presents to students that did not do very well in Biology.

Overall, while I’m nowhere near done, I can safely say it won’t take much time to finish this class, as long as you start sometime soon. The worst thing to do is to wait until midterms to start, as your plate is already going to be filled beyond belief; trust me. That’s why I recommend starting as soon as possible, and staying on track to complete it. I’d say an hour a day should get you finished within a week and a half, maybe two. Remember, to take is seriously, though, since it is actually a graduation requirement. That is, you will NOT be allowed to graduate without completing the mostly-biological class. And for the last time, get started on it now; seriously, especially because it needs to be finished by May 2nd.

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