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Drive to save a life

In December 2015, more than 50 brave students attending Keystone Oaks high school donated blood during the annual blood drive held at the school. Dr. Don Bowlin, a science teacher at KO, supervised the operation. Nurses form Central Blood Bank went to the school to make it all happen.
Courageous youngsters such as Lauren Nagy and Devin Brannon donated a pint of their blood.
“It was scary and made me nervous, but I know it will help so it made it all worth it,” said Nagy.
“It was eye-opening and makes me want to help more people,” Brannon stated.
Students all over acted equally as brave as those two.
The drive is one of many annual charitable events the school holds. Keystone Oaks sure does care a lot about public health. That’s just one of the schools many great qualities. Be sure to look for the next heroic act performed by the institution.
To all the families that receive the blood, the school hopes it makes a positive impact. Acts like this are what the school looks to instill in its kids. The real satisfaction isn't the good publicity or praise, it's the gratification and valiant behaviour installed in the young men and women entering the real world.

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