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Who’s got talent? Keystone Oaks sure does!

Keystone Oaks High School has recently finished another successful showcase of their most talented students in the show Varieties. A large number of students participated in the showcase full of musical numbers, dances, short skits, and hilarious emcees.
The opening act was a spoof on School House Rock’s “How a Bill Becomes a Law” acted out by Connor Willson, Josh Short, Richard Magyan, and Joey Kazalas. It included a satirical impersonation of Barack Obama as well as bringing back a childhood favorite song, I’m Just a Bill… The next few acts included the Brassers playing Vehicle, Rebecca Enright bursting out of her shell and rocking Rule the World, and the Kaydeens performing an upbeat song full of attitude, called Salute. Next up was Madi Washington who overcame a technical malfunction and sang Gatsby with fellow classmates dancing in the background.
“I feel bad that her microphone didn’t work, but I’m really proud of her for remaining on stage, calm and confiedent, and belted out some Lana Del Rey,” said junior Dana Nardozzi.
After that was Conor Tokarsky and Ryan Domalik singing Smooth and melting everyone's’ hearts. The Modern Dance Girls showed their ‘funky’ moves in their performance of Uptown Funk that got the whole crowd to dance in their seats. Next up was Emilio Sauarez and Ethan Hay doing the most cliche but loved part of a talent show: the magic tricks.
“It’s not a real talent show until the magicians come out and do card tricks,” spoke junior Laura Funk.
They had the crowd cracking up with their magic and sarcastic remarks when something went awry. Then, Richard Magyan came back on stage to perform his annual song; this year it was It Takes Two, of which he made a dramatic entrance from the back of the theater and waltzed down the aisles accompanied by Addisen Tarabay and Faith Boyes. Next was Linda Washburn and her eye-catching baton twirling to the catchy song, Black Magic, followed by Jarod Cheslar signing and playing the acoustic version of the indie-hit, Seasons.
The last performance in the first act was the fans favorite; the drum line finally had their chance to show their talent in their own medley. They began with what seemed to just be the drummers banginmg away, but many of them got the opportunity to have a quick solo to show their individual skills. Then, while still playing, the drum line made their way off the stage into the pit of the auditorium to get up and dance while drumming.
“That was the best I’ve ever seen the drumline perform! I didn’t know they had that in them,” said Katrianna Hoffman. “Can they do that at every football game? That was awesome!”
There was a mixture of sick beats and head banging that got the crowd going wild with drum line spirit.
The second act featured some alternative rock with the help of Alison Karp, Zach McKay, Kevin McLaughlin, and David Yantz performing Boom, by Jaywalking in Venice.
“Varieteies is a great way for you to listen to music my peers find important. It wasn’t what everyone usually listens to and it was great to have some variation in the acts,” said Nardozzi.
Next, Ben Hommrich wowed the audience with his classy rendition of Piano Man. The Colorguard was up next, showering the crowd with their moves to the song, Umbrella… with actual umbrellas. Sam Trehy performed next with a Led Zepplin medley that parents and students alike were jamming along to. The Dance Team was next, dancing to a Hip Hop Mash with some pretty cool moves. After that, Madi Washington again led the way for her friend, Courtney Brown, by playing the guitar to Photograph, as Brown sang along to.
“They are such a beautiful duet to listen to and to have perform together,” said Kelli Slogan.
The next act was different, being a pantomime of a couple out at the movies, but nonetheless it was hilarious watching strangers get friendly with each other for the sake of Victoria Schmotzer and Connor Wilson’s love.
“It is so amazing to see Squid (Wilson) with a love interest,” said Funk.
Jarod Cheslar got back on stage, this time joined by Mary Denti, of which both performing a heartfelt rendition of I hate Myself For Leaving You. The Modern Dance Couples were next, brining some spicy moves out during their Salsa dance. The last act of the night was again the Brassers performing House of the Rising Sun and ending Thursday night’s performance on a high note.
Every year, Keystone Oaks Varieties Show is an amazing way to showcase the talent we have at our school; it takes courage and dedication to get up on stage in front of the entire school, so a big congratulations goes out to everyone that performed this year. We also feel the need to thank the Stage Crew and directors that made the show the successful way we saw it. We hope to continue to harbor amazing talent in the high school and showcase it to students, faculty, and community members, year after year. Again, an amazing job to everyone who participated in this year’s performance of Varieties.

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