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Allied with the Elderly

On Wednesday, November 3rd, Keystone Oaks hosted the 88th annual Varieties show in the auditorium. The early-morning show was held for the elderly population of the district. These men and women were given lunch at the lunchroom after third period, before A lunch, and were able to eat with the cast and crew in the show. The Keystone Oaks Allies club, run by English teacher Rebekah Brooks, helped the elderly, assisting the senior citizens by carrying their lunch trays from the “Eagle’s Nest” food line to their tables, and later walking them through the school to their seats in the auditorium to watch the show.
Brooks put it in her own words.
“Generally, everyone assisted the seniors to their seats, helped them carry their trays, and created a positive environment for [the senior citizens] while they visited our school.”
Attendees were treated to a delicious meal of either fried or baked chicken, pizza, tossed salad, fruit and a drink of either ginger-ale or water. The 23 student Allies showed the well-mannered and exceptionally kind side of the high school, as conveyed in the generous act of taking trays covered with meals to the tables for the seniors to feast on.
Sophomore Hayley Anderson described the experience.
“It was really fun helping the elderly. It really gave the Allies Club a chance to help the community grow together.”
. The Allies club members then helped walk the attendees from the Cafeteria to the auditorium for the show. There, both the Allies members and the senior citizens watched as the first showing of the 2015 Varieties talent show unfolded. All in all, the Allies’ volunteer work can be best described as a job well done.

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