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Keystone Oaks band is playing with fire

This year has so far proven to be of the largest change-filled years Keystone Oaks has ever seen. There’s the new principal with his new policies, the newly paved roads and sidewalks, and even the updated football jerseys. However, one of the biggest changes this year is one you may or may not have already heard: the revamp of the Keystone Oaks Marching Band.
Audiences can expect a new halftime show titled “Playing With Fire”. Songs such as “Light ‘em Up”, “Fire”, and “Cat Scratch Fever” can be expected to be heard during this years’ football games. Senior trumpet player Ryan Brannon can be credited with creating such a masterpiece show idea, with several additional tunes being added to enhance the show even more.
“This year’s halftime show is going to be very entertaining. Marching Band members have worked hard (many since July 27) to learn and perfect a show that features several different musical styles, precision drill maneuvers, and routines that visually enhance the music,” stated band director Mr. William Eibeck.
When thinking of the KO Marching Band, the rather infamous image that emerges in many people’s minds is a field covered with people carrying various instruments and sporting the now 17-year-old, decaying white-jacketed uniforms accompanied with the black hats and white-feathered plumes. These veteran uniforms have served the Golden Eagle Marching Band for many generations now, but I think we all can agree it’s time for a more modern successor; which is exactly what Mr. Eibeck was thinking when he ordered the new black-jacketed, custom-fitted, golden-cape-having uniforms. He elaborated on the uniforms.
“I’m very excited to debut the new marching band uniforms! The final designs will give the band a modern, updated look that both students and audience members will really love. I have two favorite parts: I really love the overall designs of the new band front uniforms, plus the new capes that every instrumentalist will be able to use to further enhance the visual aspect of our performances. Many thanks to the KOSD School Board, Dr. Stropkaj and members of the administration for their help and support in making these new uniforms a reality.”
Drum Major Sammi Misterka shared Eibeck’s sentiment.
“I personally love them. I think my favorite parts are the glaves and the capes. I love the capes on the back”
One of the other transitions from last year is the newly refurbished section leader list. Drum majors Misterka and Mackenzie Marino both agree that this year is going to be one of the most leadership-filled years the band has ever had. With new leadership comes new responsibilities, and nobody understands that better than this year’s section leader group. The full list of leaders is listed below, but they can also be denoted on the field by the black and gold cords on their right shoulders.
What other changes have come about, you ask? In addition to the updated student leader team, the marching band staff has also seen some new faces. Jesse Sieff, a described “classically-trained percussionist and self-taught pianist”, has been introduced to the band as the Drumline Percussion Coordinator for the 2015-16 year. Jesse received a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and has recently been accepted into the Pennsylvania National Guard as a percussionist for the 28th Infantry Division Band, which is where he plans to spend his time and education drumming after this year’s band season. Sieff also instructs the Brentwood Marching Band Drumline, so he has already begun organizing collaboration appearances between the two schools’ drumlines, such as the recently passed “Drum Battle” at St Sylvesters’ fair, and the planned battles at upcoming band festivals. More information on Jesse and other staff can be found through the link provided below.
As you can see, the Golden Eagle Marching Band is definitely going to get the crowd fired up this year. So, will we see real pyrotechnics used on the field?
Eibeck stated, “I can neither confirm nor deny the rumor that pyrotechnics will be used. Audiences will have to stay tuned to find out….”
And it looks like KO will have to do just that.

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