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No matter the score, KO wins

The Keystone Oaks girls’ soccer team has a new driver behind their wheel. Her name is Danielle Kandrack. With four total years of coaching and a second place finish in a city league under her belt, she looks to grab hold of the reins and league KO to victory.
Coaching sports teams is not a new challenge for Coach K. In her years of leading teams she has brought success to track teams as well as soccer teams.
“I like to be involved in soccer at the age I am now. I like to see the girls bond” which are interest coaches should have,” Kandrack said.
As she conducts the practices she explains that “the team goes over what they lacked in the previous game” and that helps them prepare for the next match. At the beginning of the season the team looked to score an average of 1.75 goals per game and hoped to only give up 0.75 goals in return. At the moment, their expectations don't quite match reality. The team picked up its first win September 24th against Carrick by the score of 1-0. Overall, the team's record is 1-7. Mira Stump is responsible for the Eagles two goals over the period of the season.
“The team is full of stars, but one girl has shown she has great leadership qualities. Danielle Super has kept the games close,” said Coach Kandrack.
This is the first year Daniel has played and is currently a senior enrolled at Keystone Oaks.
With fresh young talent, Keystone Oaks is destined to succeed in the near future. This team will fit in with all the recent success in Keystone Oaks sports programs. Don’t be surprised if there is a new trophy in the case in the halls of the beloved school.

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