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The freshman experience from a freshman’s perspective

The 2015-2016 freshman class have taken on Keystone Oaks High School by storm. It’s a thrilling new adventure for some, and a terrifying endeavor for others. Two of Keystone Oaks freshmen, Linda Washburn and James “Jimmy” Moore have given their opinions on this new experience.
Linda Washburn is very involved in Keystone Oaks athletics and academic clubs. She is a part of both the basketball and volleyball teams as well as the Health Careers Club and Art Club.
High school is “fun but difficult,” says Washburn and “it’s a new challenge but I’m up for it.” Compared to middle school high school has a lot to offer in the aspect of extracurricular activities. According to Washburn, the first day was a bit daunting but as the first week went, on the more comfortable she got. Washburn offered words of encouragement to future freshmen.
“[High school] is harder but it’s not impossible, so don’t give up.”
Compared to the experience of the athletic Miss Washburn, let’s move into the freshman year of the academically esteemed James “Jimmy” Moore. Moore is known throughout the grade for his intelligence, taking part in higher level classes as well as marching band, jazz and symphonic band, and the speech and debate team.
“I like high school because I find it challenging compared to middle school,” Moore said.
He finds the increased work load a fun challenge to take on. His first day seemed to be very unstressful since he told The Keynote that his biggest concern that day was “who am I going to sit with at lunch?”
Both students seem to be faring well with their first year of high school as well as many more of their peers. Good luck, Class of 2019, on your freshman year and those that follow.

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