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Keystone Oaks Kennywood Day opinions

Every year for Keystone Oaks, there’s a day during the summer when students can meet up, enjoy thrilling rides and eat countless baskets of fries. I decided to ask some students about their experiences of Kennywood Day, if they prefer it over another park and share their opinions. Every date set for these fun rides is during the summer and why not during the school year with other schools on an in-service day?
“I think it would be a great idea to have Kennywood Day during the school year, especially when there’s other schools with people to hang out with,” explained freshman Nicole Detorakis.
“Yes, I think sharing Kennywood Day with other schools would make it a lot more fun. During a week of school would be even better because there would probably be less people that aren’t from the other schools which can make lines shorter,” said freshman Sarah Koropal.
I even dared to ask if students would change Kennywood day into an Idlewild Day because they have a nice water park, unlike Kennywood, along with other rides. Not many people know about Idlewild as much as they do Kennywood, and I was curious to see how people would react if we changed.
“I honestly love Idlewild, but I haven’t been there in forever. It’d be nice for a change because we’ve been going to Kennywood every year,” said freshman Isabella Simon.
“It doesn’t matter for me because I don’t have a favorite. If there’s fun rides, good food and friends, I’m there,” explained Koropal.

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