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Proper guidance is the key to success

Class of 2021’s incoming freshmen will have a new way of getting their first breathe of high school air. Those who participate will be paired with one senior. That senior will guide and assist two or three freshmen around and outside of the school in order to give a proper evaluation of unknown activities and classes. Only top candidates were selected to mold the youngsters. It is sure to be an effective program for those involved.
Eighth graders ending their middle school careers are given an opportunity to make an acquaintance in that of the senior aiding their experience. Though the senior has to help in a scholastic manner, they do not have to become friends with their mentees. The senior must reach out to the mentee via mail one week before meeting them. They must also check up with the 9th grader over the summer through text, phone or social website.
Participants in clubs and/or sports with good grades were ideal candidates for the job at hand. It’s very convenient that the juniors this year are extremely diverse. People ranging from scholars to star athletes flood the halls. For example, mentor Richard Magyan not only acts in the musicals, he also plays volleyball and baseball outside of the school.
“I hope I bring a great deal of assistance to the younger kids. I want them to see all of the activities the school offers so that they all have an equal chance at being what they want to be,” Magyan said.
Zach Mckay doesn’t just have great grades, he also plays drums and acts in the musical. He feels “no matter what kind of friends you surround yourself with, you should always do what you enjoy.”
Youth like this are exactly what developing teenagers need to be subjected to.
None of this could be possible without the hard work put in by the staff. Mr. Villani, in particular, brought the idea up to Dr. Hartbauer with terrific intentions. A big thanks to all involved. Everyone is going to do their best to make the transition as smooth as possible. Let’s make Keystone Oaks great again!

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