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October 17: Evacuation Drill Being Conducted at Aiken
On Tuesday, October 17, 2017, we will be conducting an Emergency Evacuation Drill in conjunction with Keystone Oaks’ School Resource Officer, the Green Tree Borough Police Department, and the Green Tree Volunteer Fire Department.

The purpose of the Emergency Evacuation Drill is to practice the procedures that would be in place if the building would need to be evacuated for any reason. Students will be escorted by Aiken Elementary staff members and emergency personnel across the parking lot, through Green Tree Park and across the street to St. Margaret of Scotland. Teachers will verify their rosters for the day and students will be escorted back across the street to Aiken Elementary School. We anticipate that the drill will not take longer than one hour.

Just as we conduct a monthly fire drill, it is equally important to walk through a full building evacuation so that students and staff are familiar with the evacuation process and we can fine-tune our procedures for emergency situations.