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Statement Regarding Security Procedures at all Keystone Oaks Schools
Within the past few weeks, the Keystone Oaks School District has sent all District families several letters regarding situations that have threatened the safety and security of our buildings and our students. Given the nature of these incidents, combined with incidents in neighboring communities and across the country, we wanted to take some time to address safety and security procedures that are currently in place throughout the Keystone Oaks School District as well as bring to your attention some new security procedures that are in place effective immediately. 

First, effectively immediately:
  • No one will be admitted into a school building without an appointment. Individuals will have to contact the school to make an appointment with staff before arriving to the school. As we have had in place for several years, all visitors must present a photo identification that is scanned by the building secretary using the Raptor system. Visitor identification badges must be clearly displayed at all times.
  • Students will not be dismissed early from school unless an excuse is turned into the building secretary in the morning or if the student is dismissed by the school nurse due to illness. In the case of an emergency, a parent or guardian must call the school prior to arrival. 
  • Students being dismissed early may only leave the building through the main office. All students must check out prior to leaving the building. Any student caught leaving through an alternate entrance will be disciplined according to the Student Code of Conduct. 

The Keystone Oaks School District has a number of security measures in place and utilizes every opportunity available to prepare students and staff for emergency situations. 

  • All the entrances to our buildings are locked during school hours and all visitors must be buzzed into the building. 
  • All visitors must present a photo identification and must display a visitor badge at all times.
  • All visitors must be escorted by a staff member to their destination and back to the main office, where they sign out. 
  • All classroom doors remain locked throughout the school day. 
  • All exterior doors remain closed and locked throughout the school day, even if students are outside for recess or a classroom activity. 
  • All staff members, including those working in the building as substitutes, wear photo identification badges at all times. 
  • Several staff members in each building carry portable radios with them throughout the school day in the case of an emergency situation. 
  • Staff members are present at building entrances and exits as students are arriving to school in the morning and as they depart in the afternoon. 

As a District, we are continually evaluating the safety and security of our buildings and implementing ways to make Keystone Oaks School District even more safe for our students. Extensive training and numerous safety exercises addressing “active shooters” continue to occur. This year, Keystone Oaks held evacuation drills in each building, coordinating with our local police and fire departments and ambulance service. 

Once again, we remind you to utilize the Safe School Helpline or to contact a member of the Administrative Team directly to confidentially report information that may affect safety at our schools, including incidents of bullying, drug or alcohol abuse, harassment, and mental health concerns. For situations that pose an immediate threat, Keystone Oaks encourages students, parents and community members to call 911.

We also remind you that the Keystone Oaks School District has resources in place to help students who may be struggling with depression, anxiety, bullying, difficulties at home or in school, or other mental health issues. Referrals to our Student Assistance Program or Elementary Student Assistance Program can be made by anyone through your school counselor.

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