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Six Odyssey of the Mind Teams Advance to State Competition
Keystone Oaks had 93 students (15 teams) participate in the Regional Tournament for Odyssey of the Mind, held at Keystone Oaks High School March 2, 2019.

Of those 15 teams, 6 were primary (and do not compete for a spot at the state finals), 3 teams were division one: 3-5 grade, 3 teams were division two: middle school, and 3 teams were division three: high school.

93 teams competed in division 1-3 at the regional tournament from western Pennsylvania.  From here, advancing teams will compete on April 6 at Pocono Mountain East High School, and have a chance to advance to the world finals held at Michigan State University May 22-25.
Congratulations to the teams who will be advancing to the state competition this year: 
Iron Roses – Division 1 (3-5th grade)
2nd place – Technical Problem 2
Coach: Geoff Dobson
Riley Dobson
Lucy Brooke
Natasha Brooke
Jillian Stakich
Brielle Michel
Kaybre Donahue
Lydia Deimel

KO Klassics – Division 1 (3-5th grade)
1st place – Classics Problem 3
Coaches: Brandie Fehl and Christina Hostutler
Shane Fehl
Jonah Hostutler
Anthony Cerminara
Jasper Dalessandri
William McGee

KO Karniville – Division 2 (6-8th grade)
2nd place – Balsa Problem 4
Coach: Tara Stakich
Shelly Stakich
Kailey Stakich
Caitlin Mooney
Isabella Ortego
Jenna Brooks
Mariah Howard
Allison Voss

The Curb – Division 3 (9-12th grade)
1st place – Balsa Problem 4
Coach: Jason Tate
Calvin Tate
Gavin Fehl
Max Fullard
Lucas Thompson
Anthony Paladino
Jacob Orlofske

OMG - Division 3 (9-12th grade)
1st place – Vehicle Problem 1
Coach: Beth Finucan
Emma Finucan
Robin Cesario
Abby Lyda
Marlana Howard
Amelia Folkmire
Molly Cicco
Kyla Covato

r@V3ns - Division 3 (9-12th grade)
1st place – Technical Problem 2
Coach: Joe Finucan
Owen Finucan
Taylor Knavish
Luke Taylor
Greyson Barsotti
Alish Chetri
Hannah Charlton

What is Odyssey of the Mind? Odyssey of the Mind is an academic problem solving competition that fosters creativity, spontaneity, and teamwork. Teams of 5-7 students compete in challenges that mimic real life: teamwork, negotiation, public speaking, stage performances, engineering, creativity, the list goes on and on.
The problems this year were:

Problem 1: OMER to the Rescue, Again - Vehicle
Divisions I, II & III
Who better to help those in distress than OMER? In this problem, OMER and his trusty Sidekick travel to different places with suitcases holding all of the parts of an OMER-mobile vehicle! OMER and his Sidekick will assemble and ride on the vehicle where it will function in different ways to “save the day.” Between attempts, the vehicle will be disassembled, put back into the suitcases, and taken to a different area where it will be reassembled and driven again. Finally, the OMER-mobile is thrown a hero’s parade as a show of appreciation!

Problem 2: Hide In Plain Sight - Technical
Divisions I, II, III & IV
Teams take a cue from nature in this problem where they create and build a team-made mechanical creature that hides in plain sight. The creature will change its appearance three times to avoid being detected by a Searcher Character trying to find it. The way the creature changes will be different each time! The team will create and present a performance where its creature gets into – or out of – various situations using this resourceful skill. In the end the creature will surprise everyone by changing its appearance a final time and reveal its true self.
Problem 3: Leonardo’s Workshop - Classics
Divisions I, II, III & IV
Imagine how inspiring Leonardo DaVinci’s (LDV) workshop must have been. Teams will portray his workplace in an original, creative performance that includes LDV, a patron, and a naysayer. The team will recreate a DaVinci painting, make a three-dimensional representation of one of his works, and recreate another LDV work in any form the team wishes. There will also be an original “debunked” creation that LDV “invented” but discarded because it was mocked. Ironically, the item will be shown as something commonly used in modern times.

Problem 4: Structure Toss - Balsa
Divisions I, II, III & IV
Step right up and put your structure to the test! Teams must strategize risk for points and “toss” their structures in this year’s problem-turned-carnival. They will use a device to propel the structure in a carnival game. If it travels in the air it gets higher score! Once the structure has been successfully tossed, it can be tested for strength. A carnival barker character will entice other characters to join the fun during a performance that incorporates testing the structure’s strength with creative games of skill and chance.

Problem 5: Opposites Distract - Performance
Divisions I, II, III & IV
Disagreements can distract groups from seeing the bigger picture. Teams will create and present a humorous performance about a sneaky character that distracts others while trying to take control of anything the team wishes. In the performance it will lure others into silly arguments and be successful two times. The arguments will be presented using different dramatic styles and will include attention-getting effects. In the end, the groups will learn that they have been intentionally distracted and will catch the sneaky character before it takes control.

Primary: Museum Makers
Grades K-2
Kids can see the extraordinary in the ordinary. Now they will use that ability to create their own museum! The team will create and present an original museum and its exhibits. During the performance, the team will reveal three creative displays that explain the theme of the museum and show off team-made items. A tour guide will take audiences on a journey through the museum to meet a humorous artist and a curator.

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