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Letter to families regarding spring Keystone exams
Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Keystone Exams will be administered at Keystone Oaks High School and Keystone Oaks Middle School during the spring testing phase from May 13-24, 2019. The exams will be administered to students currently enrolled in Algebra I (middle school!high school), Biology (9th grade), and Literature ( l 0th grade) courses. In addition, some students who did not previously test with a score of proficient or above on these assessments will be re-taking the tests during this time period. 

Section 4.4 of Chapter 4 of the State Board of Education Regulations provides for the right of any parents or guardians to excuse their children from the State Assessments if, upon inspection of the testing materials, they find the Assessments to be in conflict with their religious beliefs. This is the only basis for a parent or guardian to excuse their children from the State Assessments. Parents or guardians may review the Assessments by making arrangements with the building principals. A Parent Co,!fidentiality Agreement must be signed after the review concludes. 

Attached you will find Information for Parents or Guardians on the Pennsylvania Keystone Exams. An additional attachment reviews the Pennsylvania Department of Education's policy prohibiting the use of cell phones or electronic devices during the Assessment. 
Please contact your child's principal with any additional questions. 

Shannon Varley, Ed.D.
Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment & Staff Development 
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