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Keystone Oaks Girls Varsity Tennis volleys for position this season

Let's shine some light on one of KO’s sport that takes place during the fall season, girls tennis. In the past the girls’ team had an average season, but this year they are hoping to surpass their last season's record. Currently, they have the record of 4-3 for the beginning of their season.
Vivi Besteman and Sarah Reilly lead the team as seniors and plan to to make their last year a winning season. They can't do it without their teammates Emily Kalanish, Kira Furlong, Kelli Slogan, Melissa Bronder, Lauren Conner, Alicia Lehman and many other girls who are on the team as well.
Besteman raved about Furlong, saying, "She plays first singles. She's an amazing player. She kills it at the net, but most importantly she's fun to play with."
A player that always has a smile on her face and is a good sportsman are the ones to look out for, and Furlong is an inspiration to freshmen and seniors alike.
The girls' team faces tough teams in their section.
“Playing close matches against good competitors has definitely given us the experience we need to get better," stated Besteman. “While we might not win every match, we are growing as a team and I see a lot of close games this year."
Besteman has confidence in the team. Furlong and Besteman compete in section singles on September 15th and 16th. Good luck girls!
Even though the team has lost a few of their players, they have replaced them with underclassmen. Lehman, a freshman, will start at a varsity level helping the team to victory. Kalanish will sharpen her skills as a senior for her second year playing. In the next few years, according to Besteman, they “look to have a lot more talent to come."
Reilly elaborates on her team, "I'm really looking forward to playing with all the amazing girls on the team and having a great season."
Nothing is better than having a team that you look forward to playing with.
One thing these girls are always good at is getting the best GPA average out of all the fall sports. Something tells me this year they will have both, a winning season and the best grades.
Hopefully, the rest of KO can drink the same flavor of Gatorade they're drinking!

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