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Golden Wings Foundation Supports Educational Experiences for Keystone Oaks Students
Golden Wings Foundation Supports Educational Experiences for Keystone Oaks StudentsThe Science Olympiad and Prime Time Reading at Aiken Elementary School. Historic walking tours of Dormont and Castle Shannon for students at Dormont and Myrtle Avenue Elementary Schools. Field trips for high school students to attend Kennywood’s Physics & Communications Day. The popular “Battle of the Books” event for all fifth grade students.

What do these have in common? These are some of the projects and learning experiences that the Golden Wings Foundation has provided grant funding for over the past 18 years.

“The Golden Wings Foundation is a hidden gem here at Keystone Oaks,” said high school science teacher Michelle McSwigan. “I have been fortunate enough to receive grants from the Foundation for each of the past eight years, allowing students to participate in enriching out-of the-classroom experiences that help them apply what they learn in the classroom in the real world.”

The Golden Wings Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to “provide opportunities to enhance and enrich the public educational experience for Keystone Oaks students.” Since 1998, the Foundation has provided more than $40,000 in grants for various learning experiences that may not have been possible given the constraints of the Keystone Oaks School District’s annual operating budget.

Donations to the Golden Wings Foundation come solely from individual contributions. You can help ensure that they can continue to support valuable educational experiences for students by making a donation. 

Donations can be made via check and can be sent to:

Keystone Oaks High School
c/o Sue Grand, Golden Wings Foundation
1000 Kelton Avnue
Pittsburgh, PA  15216

The Golden Wings Foundation provided nearly $1,800 in grants during the 2014-2015 school year, supporting SciTech Day at the Carnegie Science Center, the English Book Festival at Duquesne University, Physics/Communication Day at Kennywood Park, Prime Time Reading at Aiken Elementary School and the Battle of the Books.

“When school districts are unable to fund field trip expenses, and family budgets are limited, I am grateful to have the Golden Wings Foundation to assist me and my students with filling in the financial gaps,” said Julie O’Mara, middle & high school French teacher. “My wish is that all students have access to the best educational opportunities available and Golden Wings Foundation helps provide that to students of the Keystone Oaks School District.”

Your contribution will help ensure that the Golden Wings Foundation can continue to support these programs and invest in new educational experiences for Keystone Oaks students. Please consider making a donation today. 

More about the projects and experiences that the Golden Wings Foundation supports:

Duquesne University's English Festival
For the past few years, students in Mrs. Nancy Kraemer’s English class have had the opportunity to participate in Duquesne University’s English Festival thanks to the support of the Golden Wings Foundation.

Prior to the English Festival, student read six different books and complete a number of projects, such as creating a video, writing an essay and building an art portfolio. At the festival, teams of 3-5 students compete with one another in a trivia contest, insights competition and a talk show, where students assume the role of a character in the book.

Two teams of Keystone Oaks students participate in the festival and the Golden Wings Foundation has supported this enrichment experience both by paying the entrance fee and by purchasing the books students are required to read.

French Students Visit the Carnegie Museum of Art
This year, 25 students studying French had the opportunity to participate in a docent-led field trip to the Carnegie Museum of Art. Students explored galleries of French artwork and products, allowing them to deepen their understanding of French culture and to build upon the language and communication skills that they learn in the classroom.

They even experienced a little bit of French culture in Pittsburgh as they enjoyed crepes in Oakland! This field trip and cultural experience was made possible, in part, because of support from the Golden Wings Foundation.

Battle of the Books Tournament
The “Battle of the Books” is a popular tradition for Keystone Oaks’ fifth grade students. Organized by the District’s librarians and the three community libraries, the “Battle of the Books” encourages students to expand their reading horizons, work as a team, and of course, have fun! In the months leading up to the competition, students form teams, choose team names and design t-shirts and read two books per team members. At the “Battle of the Books,” students participate in three rounds of questions and must also correctly spell the last name of the author for each book.

The Golden Wings Foundation supports the “Battle of the Books” tournament each year by purchasing a set of 10 books for each elementary school library, ensuring that each library has a copy of the books that students are to read in preparation for “Battle of the Books.” Nearly 300 books have been donated to Keystone Oaks’ elementary schools over the past 10 years.

SciTech Days & Physics Day
Over the past eight years, the Golden Wings Foundation has supported two science field trips for high school students, giving students the opportunity to test their science in the real world.

Students have attended SciTech Days at the Carnegie Science Center, where students learn about the growth areas of Pittsburgh: biotech & health, nanotechnology & advanced materials/processes, information technology & robotics, and eco tech. Students participate in workshops and programs and explore interactive exhibits from leading STEM companies and higher education organizations.

Students have also participated in Kennywood’s Physics Day, where they put their problem solving skills to use by applying them to the motion of amusement park rides. One of the day’s favorite activities is when students take accelerometers on the ride to record how many g-forces they experience.

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