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Mission, Vision & Values
Our Mission
The Keystone Oaks School District's mission is to provide a safe learning environment that prepares critical thinkers to become responsible and productive members of society.

Our Vision
The Keystone Oaks School District will remain current and competitive in every aspect of its operations while providing the best education for the children of Castle Shannon Borough, Dormont Borough, and Green Tree Borough. To do this, we will measure our success by assuring that:
  • Students demonstrate continuous growth so as to prepare for future challenges;
  • Students link learning to real-world applications through a dynamic, comprehensive curriculum that provides creative opportunities;
  • Students are provided opportunities for collaboration while engaged in the K-12 curriculum. 
Our Values
The beliefs/shared values strategically identify the heart and soul of the District and serve as the foundation behind all operations. The current Beliefs/Shared Values of the Keystone Oaks School District are:
  • Learning in a safe, respectful, and nurturing environment is the focus of the educational process, and active engagement and collaboration are critical to the process for promoting lifelong learning in order to live successfully in a diverse society. 
  • Each student contributes unique abilities and talents which should be challenged in the academics, arts, athletics, and extracurricular activities. 
  • Individuals are responsible and accountable for their own choices, decisions, and actions, which create the foundation of good citizenship. 
  • Students, staff, parents, School Board members, and community members share the responsibility for the quality of education. 
  • Success is strongly influenced by personal motivations and high expectations. 
  • Diversity in a student population encourages an understanding of cultural differences and values and of the diverse means that learners use to engage with knowledge. 
  • Recognition and appreciation encourage motivation and dedication. 
  • Integrity, trust, and open communication are vital for an excellent learning community. 
  • Collaboration, effective leadership, high expectations, and the responsible use of resources and partnerships with businesses and the community result in excellence. 
  • Teaching is both an "art" and a "science" that promotes intellectual engagement among members of the learning community to ensure continuous learning. 
  • The experiences encountered during the learning process are enhanced when the physical plant is well-maintained. 
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