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About The Keynote
The school newspaper of Keystone Oaks High School, The Keynote, has been in print since 1965. The staff of The Keynote want to carry on that tradition but with a modern spin. With the contemporary methods in which news is reported and received today, The Keynote has changed the way it delivers news - by going completely online!

This modern layout will provide the staff an opportunity to utilize their tech-savvy skills, as well as provide news of Keystone Oaks in an instant. In addition to offering the latest news, The Keynote can post videos, tweets and pictures of life at Keystone Oaks as it happens. Until The Keynote website is completely developed, however, the articles will be available for reading on the district's website, www.kosd.org. Enjoy the articles.

- The Keynote Staff
Keynote Articles
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Social media takeover
by Grace Boyes

In the 21st century social media is all around us. As technology evolves, so do apps to go on phones, and updates of the current apps we have. Social media has taken over millennials lives, but is that a good thing or bad thing?  As a teenager, I use social media, but when parents complain about our use of social media, I do understand where they are coming from.
Disappointing End for the Steelers' Season
By Ezekial Daure

The 2018 Pittsburgh Steelers football season came to a disappointing end, when the Baltimore Ravens beat the Cleveland Browns on a cold December day. This was the final game of the season, but for the Steelers, the drama is only beginning as the state of the locker room is in disarray.
More than a few Eagles
by Emma Serakowski

Keystone Oaks has not had a hockey team for a few years now, but this past year have entered a co-op team out of Bishop Canevin High School, including Our Lady of the Sacred Heart and Seton LaSalle, they are currently 2-9-1.
Keystone Oaks High School Senior Jaylen Hoffman Awarded KDKA Extra Effort Award
by Alexander Grattan

Pittsburgh personality Bob Pompeani arrived at Keystone Oaks High School on January 8, 2019, to award senior Jaylen Hoffman the Extra Effort Award for her outstanding athletic and academic achievement during a school assembly at the end of the day.
Robots Invade Keystone Oaks High School
by Helena Piccolino

On Friday, January 11, Keystone Oaks hosted the 2019 robotics competition. Thirty-three different schools competed for first place by building and coding a robot from scratch. The rules of the game are released at the end of the previous school year so from then until the day of the competition, the students in robotics start to make their robots.
A special holiday tradition
by Ezekiel Michael Daure

Teddy Bear Holiday is a tradition that has happened at Keystone Oaks High School every year for about 20 plus years. Right around Christmas, staff members and students buy gifts and throw a party for underprivileged kids.
Pain is now, pride is forever
by Emma Serakowski

The Keystone Oaks Wrestling team has started off their season strong with a win at a tournament at Carrick.
Safety comes first
by Kimberly Ramolt

The state of Pennsylvania recently passed a law for all schools to create and practice an evacuation drill within the first 90 days of school to enable muscle memory to take over if an emergency should occur.
One team one dream
by Emma Serakowski

The Keystone Oaks girls soccer team has had a slow start to the season with a record of 1-8 but have high hopes to turn it around.

Should I listen to music while studying?
by Alexander Grattan

If you have never listened to music while studying, reading, or writing, it is to be commended, but for all others who are culturally influenced human beings, you shouldn’t be listening to your favorite tunes while studying.
Keystone Oaks girls volleyball season half way through
by Michael Daure

Keystone Oaks Girls Volleyball have started the 2018 season very well.  After a first-round exit in 2017, the Golden Eagles are looking to improve off last season’s success.
Putting for gold
by Helena Piccolino

The Keystone Oaks 2018 golf team is putting their way to victory in this year’s season. Starting the season with a strong 10-2 record the golden eagles have high hopes for this year.
Let's give back!
by Grace Boyes

Keystone Oaks High school has many different clubs for students of all sorts, but one student realized the school was missing something. Jeramie Welch, Junior at Keystone Oaks High school decided that the school was missing one of the biggest and oldest organizations for high school students, The Key Club.
Out with the old, in with the new....requirements
by Delaney Palonis

On June 9th, they day will come for seniors to graduate and other students in lower grades to advance to the next grade. But when it’s finally time graduate, what if your diploma was held because your requirements weren’t complete? As of recent at Keystone Oaks High School, the graduation requirements have changed from needing 120 hours of community service to 60 of community service that is job-related to whatever a student wants to do after high school, 8 artifacts in a career portfolio, and a job shadow. The question comes down to, how does a student get his or her community service hours or artifacts before graduation?
Race against the clock
by Jenna Warren

As the bells ring in Keystone Oaks High School, students race against the clock to their classes in under three minutes with no time to spare.
New approach to classroom design?
by Amina Suleyman

Keystone Oaks School District Administration is changing the designs of the classroom during the school year to help change the learning environment by setting up a mini-grant, giving students a place to express themselves and learn in an environment they feel comfortable in.
The untold about social anxiety
by Aubreauna Scott

Social Anxiety Disorder, or SAD, among teenagers has dramatically increased in the newer generation, particularly boys, due to the advancements of technology and changes in society.
Rain, Rain, Go Away: Pittsburgh’s Flooding Problem
by Alexander Grattan
A maelstrom of showers swept over Pittsburgh, drenching the city in record-breaking rainfall that flooded homes, streets, and dams throughout this September. A normal annual average of rainfall for Pittsburgh is 38.19 inches, the region is already well over 40 inches in the middle of the month. Point State Park, nested right by the rivers downtown, was virtually invisible after being submerged by the high waters.
Swinging for Victory

by Emma Serakowski 

The Keystone Oaks tennis team is in the middle of a good season with a record of 4-2 and just plans on getting better from there. 

Keystone Oaks boys soccer team off to a hot start
by Michael Daure
Keystone Oaks boys soccer in 2017 had a record of 12-6-,  making the playoffs but losing in the first round. This year is a different story as they are undefeated in the conference and overall play.
Questioning Safety
by Jenna Warren

At the high school in Keystone Oaks, students prepare for the fall sports ahead. But do they know of the dangers?
KO’s Daure Power
by Alana Harris

Eat, sleep, football. That is the regimen of Keystone Oaks senior running back, Michael Daure. Many people play football, but Daure is more than just a football player. He’s an amazing teammate, and an overall wonderful young man.
Let's Grab a Bite
by Grace Boyes

When you think of school food there is a lot of hatred toward it and many people dislike eating it. What if your school allowed their students to leave during lunch hours to get food? Would you do it or do you think there should be regulations of who can and cannot?
Is the dress code as harsh as it seems to be?
by Amina Suleyman
Keystone Oaks High School principal Mr. Jason Kushak is putting an emphasis on the Dress Code for students in the 2018-2019 school year.
KO Football Chasing Victory
by Helena Piccolino

The 2018 Keystone Oaks High school football team is is moving forward with victory on their minds. Starting the season with a 3-1 record going into week four they’re playing with more hunger for success than ever before.
Baseball: It’s not just a game
by Maria Fratangelo
If you’ve ever played a sport before, you’d know how challenging but also wonderful the experience can be at the same time. For the Keystone Oaks High School Baseball team, they hope to have a good season ahead of them. After going 4-13 last year, players and coaches hope to step it up this year and make it to playoffs.
Keystone Oaks puts on 89th annual Varieties show
by Olivia Dewick

The students of Keystone Oaks put on the 89th annual Varieties show Thursday,  November 9th, and Saturday, the 11th. On Friday afternoon, the students also invited elders to the school for brunch and a performance.
What makes a good teacher?
by Maria Fratangelo

Throughout any high school student’s career, they are constantly being pushed to be the best version of themselves and learn to always be impressive and successful. However, no one ever really makes teachers aware of things they may need to work on, they just have to figure it out on their own.
Corey O’Connor speaks at Keystone Oaks
by Gabby Ceraso

On November 10th, 2017, in middle school LGI room, Corey O’Connor talked to some high school students about politics, entrepreneurship, internship opportunities and upcoming things happening in the city of Pittsburgh.
Technology students tour famous Fallingwater house
 by Emma Serakowski
On November 10th students participated in the Fallingwater field trip. The trip was offered to students in advanced technology education, woodshop, and CADD. They have been going on the trip for the past eight years.
Carving in the Art Club’s pumpkin workshop  image Carving in the Art Club’s pumpkin workshop
by Bella Thomas
On Tuesday, October 24, the art club held their annual pumpkin workshop.
B.Y.O.D.: Bring Your Own Device
by Jack Konesky

In the modern day-and-age, technology is an ever-present factor of life. It's many applications and forms have become integral to the autonomy of society at large, and this, of course, extends to the classroom.
Best Friends Club holds Halloween dance
by Emma Serakowski

This year, the middle and high school Best Friends Clubs will be holding a Halloween dance for all the members of the club. The dance will be held in the high school gym on October 27th from 10:30AM to 12:30PM. The students will spend their morning dancing and celebrating with their peers.
Does an early start positively affect our students
by Emma Serakowski

Starting school at a different time could impact students lives majorly. Homeroom ends at 8am, and most kids wake up anywhere from 5:30am to 7:30am. Would starting school at a later time help kids focus more in their morning classes?
How social media affects our lives
by Gillian Piccolino

There are definitely many benefits to social media, as there are disadvantages. There are many ways that you can incorporate social media into your school life, just like you do outside of school. A lot of students use social media to connect with their peers to talk about school.
Should teachers give out homework?
by Maria Fratangelo

For a long time, the debate of whether or not teachers should assign homework for students has been argued. Homework does have its benefits, but a student shouldn’t have to spend all night working. Both students and teachers at Keystone Oaks High School have their opinions on this subject.
Senior wins KDKA Extra Effort Award
by Olivia Dewick

The KDKA Extra Effort award recognizes a high school student who excels not only in the classroom but also on the field or court and in the community. Keystone Oaks senior Josh Snell received this honor in front of his classmates on Tuesday, September 26th.
Are AP courses worth the trouble?
by Jack Konesky

For this year’s seniors at Keystone Oaks High School, the dream (or perhaps nightmare) of eventually going to college seemed so far away that it was barely even a blip on the radar of their minds. Nevertheless, college is now but a mere year away for those pursuing education, and with this realization most, if not all, of those students are going to be asking themselves one thing: am I ready for college?
Keystone Oaks welcomes its newest principal
by Grace Boyes

A principal can be a very strong figure in a school, and it's important to have a principal that keeps the school safe and provides a healthy environment. Over the past couple of years, Keystone Oaks has had several different principals, and the newest principal, Jason Kushak, will be joining Keystone Oaks School District this school year.

Academics and athletics: how challenging is it to balance both?
by Maria Fratangelo

Many of the students who attend Keystone Oaks High School are also athletes who face numerous amounts of difficulties balancing their time between athletics and academics. The biggest struggle for some students is successfully finding a way to manage their time.
The Keystone Oaks girls volleyball team begin season with 2-1 record
by Gabby Ceraso

The start of school means that it is volleyball season, and the girls are putting their heart into the game that they love. With players and coaches ready for the upcoming season, the girls are ready to win.
Keystone Oaks football team looks to make another playoff run
by Gillian Piccolino

Last season for the Golden Eagles football team went 9-2 and made it to the second round of playoffs. The team hopes to make another good run this season, but make it even further than last year.
Students have multiple ways to earn community service hours
by Bella Thomas

Obtaining 120 hours of community service by the end of high school is a graduation requirement for Keystone Oaks students, and although it can be rather difficult and stressful, students should be aware that there are many different opportunities out there to complete their community service.
Cyberschool and the importance of choice
by Jack Konesky

     Last year, Keystone Oaks began requiring its Juniors to take an online health class. Though many students resented the class as nothing more than homework to add to their growing hoard, this mandatory class has helped to highlight a steadily rising prominence of cyberschool and, more importantly, the significance of student choice in schooling and education.
Lady Eagles soccer look to execute a winning season
by Olivia Dewick

The Keystone Oaks Lady Eagles soccer team look to have a successful season with the help of some veteran upperclassmen and a skillful freshman class
KO students take to the stage for a local production
by Jeramie Welch

Students from Keystone Oaks are participating in an exciting new local production of Hair for Pittsburgh Musical Theatre (PMT).
Keystone Oaks junior keeps ‘sticking the landing’
by MacKenzie Kirsch

This year has been quite a winning one for Keystone Oaks, with the football team, girls volleyball, and even more going to playoffs! One of those teams that many students may not even know of is the gymnastics team. Tara Gologram, a junior at KO, has been doing gymnastics for thirteen years, and has carried the school successfully through various meets. She also is on the track team, and makes everyone proud by her triumphant season.
Is It Worth It?
by Christian Barker

Christian Barker played the role of the drunk driver in this year’s mock car crash. This is the perspective from his character.
Officer, how did I end up here? What happened to my friends? Oh my, how could this have happened. It was only a few drinks, I did not think things would ever get this bad. What do I do now?
SADD makes students pay attention with the mock car crash
by Chelsey Carter

Prom is just around the corner. Girls and boys are running around finding the perfect date, the perfect dress. Everyone wants the perfect prom night, but it could all go wrong in a second. In a survey of teens ranging in ages 16 to 19, 41% said it was likely they or their friends would use drugs or alcohol on prom night. This statistic was given by AAA in 2014.
Foreign exchange students speak at KO
by Jeramie Welch

On April 24th, Foreign Language students had the opportunity to meet exchange students from other countries in the Middle School LGI. Karen Pessolano, the Regional Coordinator for Western Pennsylvania, lead the event. She works with Education First (EF), a company that specializes in providing foreign language training and opportunities, including exchange programs.
KO isn’t sitting out on the SAT
by Kelli Slogan

In an official list by the Pittsburgh Business Insider, Keystone Oaks scored in the top twenty for highest SAT scores of all high schools in the Pittsburgh region.
This is impressive not only because of the number 18 rank, but also because KO is the most top-rated smaller school, regarding SAT scores. Principal, Dr. Harbauer gives credit to not only the outstanding high school staff, but to previous elementary and middle school educators for laying the foundation for future success.
KO students take a bite out of the EIC
by Kelli Slogan

A select group of students instructed by Mr. Oestreich are taking part in an event held by the Energy Innovation Center in Pittsburgh to create an inventive, healthy food option for workers and students.
A new wave of ice cream opens in Mt. Lebanon
by Isabella Harris

For years now people of all ages have been delighted by the sweet treat known as ice cream, but the old fashioned twist cone is quickly being replaced by a new fad called rolled ice cream. Many are straying from the normality of premade ice cream that is created in a electronic machine, and moving more towards the well-known Thai frozen dessert.
AP tests are fast approaching
by MacKenzie Kirsch

This season brings in warm weather, excitement for the end of the year, and testing. Students taking AP classes have become aware of the small window of time they have to prepare, so studying is a must.
How to balance school, sports and work
by Chelsey Carter

Students who go to school, play sports, and also work don't have much free time. Sometimes it's a struggle to get it all done. Students must be very organized, and sometimes give up their social life just to be able to do all of it. Here's how some students are able to juggle it.
The KO band marches into Disney
by Jeramie Welch

The KO band recently had the opportunity of a lifetime, a trip to Disney World. Organized band teacher, Mr. Eibeck, almost a hundred students and adults went on the trip, lasting from April 7th - 13th. Each student paid $1,600 to attend the event, paying for transportation and hotel costs.
Pens get ready for round two
by Christian Barker

On Thursday April 20th, the Pittsburgh Penguins Won game five of the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs against the Columbus Blue Jackets and advanced to round two. This is the second straight season the Penguins have taken the Jackets down in order to move on.
Baseball season begins
by Kristy Lippert

April is the start of a long journey of MLB baseball. The first opener was Sunday, April 2nd and the Pittsburgh Pirates home opener was Friday, April 7. The first pitch took place at 1:05 pm in a bit of snow. In 2007 and 2013, the day of the Pirates home opener called for snow, and this year the same. As the season starts, the weather can only get better.
KO learns about sports, arts, and entertainment management
by Christian Barker

On Friday March 24th, Mr. Stephen Tanzilli visited Keystone Oaks High School to discuss the opportunities stemming from sports, arts and entertainment management. He is the associate professor for the major at Point Park University. Mr. Tanzilli shared his life experiences and background information that related to the course he is in charge of at the university.
Rising college costs could make college unaffordable for many
by MacKenzie Kirsch

According to the March 17th article on website Buzzfeed News, the annual percentage for college tuition costs have been raising by 4-6% annually. This means that by the year 2030, students may be paying almost half a million dollars for a degree, or $121,078 for a private college, versus $54,070 for a public one. Though a high percentage of students in the United States apply for scholarships and grants, that still leaves a high cost for many to pay off. The rising price for a degree seemed to be concerning to many students, but it does not necessarily mean they would not still apply to colleges.
Keystone Oaks softball team is determined to sweep the section
by Sarah Koropal

The Keystone Oaks softball team has always had a positive run every season, and that’s just what they plan to do again this season. Their season just started a few weeks ago, but it already seems to be going in the right direction.
Footloose cuts loose
by Isabella Harris

Students involved in the musical at Keystone Oaks High School set very high standards when they chose to perform the well-known musical Footloose. Before seeing the performance, all I could picture was the cast and lines from the popular 1984 film, but throughout the entire performance I was blown away.
Senior traditions continue
by Chelsey Carter

New traditions are being made here at KO. A tradition that started last year for the 2015-2016 school year was the senior stones, and this year the tradition will carry on. Mrs. Hruby, one of the art teachers, is in charge of it all.
Behind the curtains
by Kelli Slogan

As an audience member enjoying a theater production, it is obvious that a large amount of work goes into creating a musical, but how much effort is actually required to run a successful show?
The boys tennis team gets into the swing of things with new coach
by Jeramie Welch

Having the opportunity, I was able to visit the K.O’s boys tennis team during their practice. After pre-practice warm-ups, Coach Leia Leipold was able to speak with me about her views on the upcoming season.
"You Can Be" Speaker, Quincy Swatson
by Rachel Chormanski

This past week, Quincy Swatson, a speaker from the You Can Be series, shared his entrepreneur and science accomplishments with students in hopes to educate and inspire their futures. On February 16th, 2017, G.I.E.P. students, led by Mr. Jeff Sieg, had the opportunity to speak directly and ask questions to this Pittsburgh entrepreneur.
KO celebrates Pi Day
by Ryan O’Leary

Pi day is approaching and with every student being in some sort of math class, they have all dealt with the unusual irrational number in class before whether it was solving a circle or just an algebraic expression, everyone in high school has seen pi before, and also pie. With this day coming up, it’s time to see how students feel about the number or the dessert, whichever is more important, and also what teachers have planned.
Until the last minute
by Christian Barker

On Friday, March 10th, the Keystone Oaks Girls basketball team lost the first round of state playoffs to North Catholic by the score of 53-38. The loss means the girls are no longer competing for a state championship.
Dual Enrollment - A Step Ahead
by Isabella Harris

For many, senior year is spent applying to college, taking standardized tests, and day dreaming about graduation day, but what many students do not realize is that Keystone Oaks offers a way to get a head start when it comes to college.
KO student collects books for West Penn Hospital
by Mackenzie Kirsch

Here at Keystone Oaks, students need to have 120 hours of community service in order to graduate. It can be hard for many to find hours; however, opportunities come around that help students out by allowing them to give back to their communities in a different way.
KO donates for a good cause
By Grace Boyes

Keystone Oaks annual blood drive took place on Thursday, March 2nd, in the gym lobby from 8:00-1:00. Mrs. Beth Smith, business and technology teacher and senior class sponsor, is in charge of the blood drive.
Girls basketball down but not out
by Christian Barker

On February 23rd, the Keystone Oaks girls basketball team lost to Beaver 58-45 in the first round of the WPIAL championships at Moon. This loss knocked them out of championship contention for WPIALs.
Students look to the future in job shadow
by Kelli Slogan

Starting in December, Ms. Kraemer implemented a job shadow program for all seniors in CP English, in order to help them explore possible career choices and gain an idea if they are going in the right direction, education-wise.
KO is giving back
by Chelsey Carter

Helping out in the community is such a great feeling, and it can be beneficial to everyone. Here at Keystone Oaks, students are always encouraged to help and there are many opportunities to do so.
Stagelight makes music creation available to the masses
by David Domalik

In the past, making music has been the job of a select few who have enough money to pay for the expenses and enough skill to know how to work instruments, software, etc. But in the age of technology, where you can find a computer in nearly every home, it is no longer such an exclusive profession. Personal computers have expanded the number of artists in the music industry, but the two basic complications still withheld this revolution from the masses: money to buy software and skill to use it. The people at OpenLabs created Stagelight specifically to solve these issues and have produced a program that is easy for anyone to learn and use and costs a fraction compared to most other music software, all while not sacrificing quality.
Concerts coming to Pittsburgh this year and KO’s reaction
by MacKenzie Kirsch

People find entertainment in many areas such as movies, site-seeing, and concerts. While not the most important city on entertainers’ lists, Pittsburgh is home to many shows that sell out quickly. Ticketmaster showed many concerts available up until the end of summer, so many of the students decided to discuss what they would want to see throughout 2017.
Acting class takes on the Bard
by Kelli Slogan
Last Monday, February 6th, Keystone Oaks acting students and their teacher, Ms. Kraemer, went downtown to compete in the Pittsburgh Public Theater’s Shakespeare Monologue and Scene Contest to further encourage students in the arts.
All for “us,” and “us” for all
by Christian Barker
On Thursday February 9th, the Keystone Oaks Golden Eagles girls basketball team captured their first section title in school history with a 51-34 win against South Park. With that win, they improved to 20-2 overall and 14-0 in conference play.
Keystones, friend or foe?
by Grace Boyes
Keystones, every student's nightmare. When children think of Keystones, it's a very intimidating thought. In order to graduate from Keystone Oaks High School, and any school district in Pennsylvania, students must pass the Keystone Exams.
KO boys’ basketball takes a positive look at a disappointing season
by Kristy Lippert
The Keystone Oaks boys basketball team ended this season with a losing record, but the team tries to stay positive.
They haven’t had the best luck this year with their pairings but had to adjust to the long bus rides. Coach Dan Elzer has coached for several years and had lost three of his starting five last year. Working with more of a younger team will work to his advantage in the long run.
A former KO grad lectures students on the medical field
by Kimberly McLane

Dr. Brian Connolly, a former graduate of class 2003 at Keystone Oaks High School, discussed pursuing the medical field and how to get there on January 24th at 12:30pm in the school’s LGI room.
KO proposes political point of view
by Autumn Chomas
It’s no surprise that the students of Keystone Oaks High School know about the 2016 Presidential Election. With less than a day until Election Day, campaigning is at its prime.
Regardless of how uninteresting or grimy politics may seem, no one can escape the wrath of this year’s election. With such compelling characters this time around, politics have become less of an intimate subject to discuss and are actually encouraged in some social situations, school being one of those few. Politics are widely discussed in many classes, most often history classes. Students are active and engaged when debating, but why are teenagers so interested in politics?
The growing trend of dual smartphone cameras
by David Domalik

Just over a month ago Apple announced its two newest smartphones: the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. If you’ve heard or read about any of the new hardware features, then you probably know that the dual camera system is a key selling point for iPhone 7 Plus. To the average smartphone user, this might seem like a pointless feature; why would you need two cameras when you already have one that works perfect? But with a bit of research and some general knowledge of cameras, the advantages of a two-lens system become apparent.
KO cheers on everyone

by Ashley Giger

Last Friday Night! ..
After a dull, dragging week of obnoxious school work, suddenly the students find themselves traveling full speed ahead to the long awaited weekend! For some this means the end of school, followed by a long therapeutic secession of Netflix. However for others, this is just the start of a weekend tradition as old as the high school itself. That's right, it's GAMEDAY, throw on your lucky socks, get your game face on, and come to life as the Eagles battle it out with another team!

Proper guidance is the key to success
by Christian Barker

Class of 2021’s incoming freshmen will have a new way of getting their first breathe of high school air. Those who participate will be paired with one senior. That senior will guide and assist two or three freshmen around and outside of the school in order to give a proper evaluation of unknown activities and classes. Only top candidates were selected to mold the youngsters. It is sure to be an effective program for those involved.
Goodbye KO, hello real world
by Rebecca Enright

June 9th -the fateful day for this year’s graduating class. A highly anticipated day full of smiles, laughter, tears, and congratulations as KO seniors end this chapter of their lives and prepare to embark on the next. Whether they are going off to college, joining the military, or diving straight into the work field, each student looks on with bright eyes, a head full of memories, and a heart full of hope for their future.
Track team races to victory
By Vivi Besteman

With a spectacular win-loss record of 7-1, the Keystone Oaks track team has managed to maintain their legacy of success, which has developed and matured over the last few years.
KO seniors win American Legion’s Academic Award
by Rebecca Enright

Eleven of Keystone Oaks Seniors were nominated and won an academic award from the American Legion this past month. The recipients were Geeta Acharya, Vivi Besteman, Rebecca Enright, Emily Kalanish, Allie Lasko, Richard Novak, Halee Porter, Lauren Ragan, Michael Shanahan, Diana Tallon, and Alexa Valforte.
KO student takes first in statewide business conference
By Vivi Besteman
From April 10th to the 12th, twelve Keystone Oaks Students traveled to Hershey, PA hoping to earn a spot at the national conference for Future Business Leaders of America. Not only did four of these students succeed, but one of them, Senior Michael Shanahan, took a stunning first place in his event, surpassing all expectations.
Keystone Oaks Kennywood Day opinions
by Abigail O’Farrell
Every year for Keystone Oaks, there’s a day during the summer when students can meet up, enjoy thrilling rides and eat countless baskets of fries. I decided to ask some students about their experiences of Kennywood Day, if they prefer it over another park and share their opinions. Every date set for these fun rides is during the summer and why not during the school year with other schools on an in-service day?
Seniors Rock!
by Rebecca Enright

On April 13, the senior class of 2016 began a new tradition, an installation art work made out of clay stones. This piece will be progressively built by each year’s senior class in the courtyard that currently holds a cement-circle in the center of it.
Ready! Set! Volley!
by Christian Barker

Success and entertainment are the main priority of the Keystone Oaks Boys Volleyball Team. With the season halfway over, it is tough to say if the boys will make playoffs.
Would it be better if KO ran on a different bell schedule for school
by Ryan O’Leary
At KO, we run on a bell schedule where we go to every class, every day, but at some schools they run on a schedule where they might go to half their classes one day and the other half the next day and rotate like that. It might be more efficient than being in a shorter class every day. If we were in a longer class every other day, it could work out better for the students because they would have an extra day for homework. They would be able to learn more in one class period, so the teacher would be able to help kids and be able to teach the lesson.
Plant yourself a garden and watch the benefits sprout!
by Rachel Chormanski
Around springtime, everyone rushes to their local garden store to begin planting a spring garden that will bloom throughout the next few seasons. They spend time deciding between perennials or annuals, mulch or soil, and fertilizer or organic growing. Regardless, everyone is choosing to indulge in the advantages gardening offers your body, mind, and even the environment. Plus, at the end of it, you’re either left with some yummy vegetables or a beautiful view from your window.
Students prepare final presentation for the Energy Innovation Center’s courtyard
by Rachel Chormanski

After months of hard work and shuttling between the former Connelly Trade School and Keystone Oak’s S.T.E.A.M. ROOM, our very own high school students have finished their design for the new courtyard. Back in the fall, teacher Mr. Jeff Oestreich approached students he felt would be interested in architecture, design, and sustainability.
Spring break for KO students
by Abigail O’Farrell
Students from Keystone Oaks have recently returned from their spring break on March 30th and most of them-well rested, while others are trudging on and waiting for the weekend.
Taking an interest in traditional endeavors I asked freshman Isabella Simon about her activities that she took part in over her time off.
Hard work on three! One… two..
by Christian Barker
It’s baseball season, folks. I don't know about you, but I couldn’t be more excited. As a three-year member of the Keystone Oaks baseball team, I’ve learned spring time means more than just a change in temperature. It means the start of a journey towards a state championship. Let me tell you, there is no better way to kick off a season quite like going down to North Carolina. where the sun’s always shining and the grounds team is always working. That is exactly where the team and I went down for a little spring training before the start of the season up north.
GOAL! China and its multimillion dollar sports industry
by Rachel Chormanski
As a global sport, soccer, or known worldwide as football, reaches almost every country of study. But Chinese President Xi Jinping has invested millions of dollars into revamping the sport and making it a routine part of life for his citizens.
Boys’ tennis volleys for victory
by Vivi Besteman
With a win-loss record of 3-1 early in the season, the Boys’ Varsity Tennis Team has shown remarkable success against tough competition, and hopes to finish the year with the same momentum.
Senior and Captain Michael Shanahan attributes the team’s record to the leadership of himself and Co-Captain Andrius Petrauskas, both of which “do whatever [they] can to better the team, whether it be cleaning up after practice or motivating other teammates.”
Brashear’s “All Shook Up”
by Vivi Besteman
This past weekend, I was given the opportunity to represent Keystone Oaks as a youth critic for the Gene Kelly Awards. This is a reflection of my experience at my first of two musicals. This article will later be featured online at www.post-gazette.com
KO students prep for Keystone Exams
by Abigail O’Farrell
Over the years, high school and certain middle school students throughout Pennsylvania have been taking the immensely studied for tests known as the Keystone Exams. There are several different categories such as Algebra I, Biology, and Literature that can be taken depending on which classes you’re attending that year.
Is there enough time to get from class to class?
by Ryan O’Leary
Students at Keystone Oaks get four minutes to get to class, but is that enough time? Can you get to the STEAM room from a science class? Can you get to your locker in between classes?
KO students battle for a spot at the state FBLA conference
by Vivi Besteman
Beginning on April 10th, twelve Keystone Oaks students will travel to Hershey, PA, in order to compete in the Pennsylvania State Conference for Future Business Leaders of America-- along with 5,500+ other high school students and staff.
Should there be Chromebooks in every class?
by Ryan O’Leary
Students at Keystone Oaks feel as though each classroom should have its own set of Chromebooks, of course unless the teacher doesn't want them in their learning plan throughout the year. The teachers who do use them, especially the English teachers, ofthentimes use them on a daily or weekly basis. Even teachers feel that they should have Chromebooks in their class.
Love is in the Air… and so is the Zika VIrus?
by Rachel Chormanski

This Valentine’s Day, people around the world will swap chocolate, gifts, and saliva (ew, gross, but just being realistic). Along with the saliva switch, there’s a chance your partner could be giving you the Zika infection, carried by mosquitos in the Africas, Americas, Asia, and many other parts of the world.
KO Girls Swim to Victory
 by Vivi Besteman
With a record of 9 wins and only 3 losses this season, the Keystone Oaks Girls swim team has had one of the most successful seasons of the last several years.
A Time for Work and Leisure
by Rebecca Enright

Study halls –the overworked student’s best friend. A time where a student can get some of their work done before leaving school at the end of the day for work or to lessen the load after participating in an extracurricular activity. Or, for the average Tumblr user or Netflix binge watcher, a way to spend more time on the important things in life.
High School juniors visit national college fair
by Rachel Chormanski

On Friday, February 5th, Keystone Oaks Juniors attend the National College Fair at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Over 250 two and four year colleges, as well as nursing, trade, and business schools, were in attendance of this year's college fair sponsored by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC).
Laura Poliziani goes above and beyond
by Christian Barker

Every week KDKA action news gives out an Extra Effort Award. Students who win the award have to meet high expectations. Last week, one of Keystone Oaks very own won the prestigious award. Laura Poliziani exceeded those expectations. Thanks to her, the beloved school had its spot in the limelight.
A.L.I.C.E -Not In Wonderland Anymore
by Rebecca Enright

Much like Alice from the beloved children’s story was submerged into a strange new world, high school students are now being immersed a new and frightening, yet all too possible reality -an intrusion in the building. School shootings have been increasingly reported in the news, and so on Friday January 29th, the senior class went through the A.L.I.C.E training in case such an incident should occur. (This is the same program that the teachers had to go through earlier in the year.)
Are AP Tests Worth It? If So, How Can I Study?
by Vivi Besteman

As February approaches, the deadline to register for AP Tests draws near, leaving many struggling with the decision of whether to sign up or not. For some, the daunting workload and challenging nature of AP courses becomes a deterrent for completing the test in the spring, yet many fail to realize that AP Tests aren’t as bad as they seem.

Time to adult
by Haley Johnsen

This year I must make a decision. I'm not talking about what I will wear to school or who will be my friends but what I want to do for the next four years or so of my life. What college should I go to? How much will I be in debt? What do I want to major in? Will I get a job in that field or not? These are questions that I must ask myself over and over again till I'm blue in the face. Even when I do decide what the answers are to those questions, there are still more to be answered.
Steel city magic
by Christian Barker

Who would have thought Pittsburgh would be in the divisional playoffs this year? After going 4-5 midway through the season, the Steelers seemed to find a fire inside themselves. Let’s recap how the boys in black and gold found themselves in playoff football.
My opinion on the Steelers v. Bengals wildcard game
by Zach McKay
One could easily say that the NFL, as well as some professional football followers, would like to forget the horrible day that the league had Saturday, January 9th. Fans were treated to a rivalry game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals. The display put on the field in the later part of the game was an utter embarrassment for the NFL, a complete disgrace.
“Now He Belongs to the Ages…”
by Rebecca Enright

Last week Mr. Sieg’s AP Comparative Government and Politics Class held a faux funeral for one of the United States’ most beloved presidents, Abraham Lincoln, who died on April 15th, 1865.
Is Mark Zuckerberg the next Tony Stark?
by Rebecca Enright

The creator of Facebook recently publicized his intent to develop artificial intelligence, stating, “you can think of it kind of like J.A.R.V.I.S. in Iron Man.”
He intends to utilize it both for his home and work place, utilizing Facebook software seemingly so that they can compete with Siri and Cortana of Apple and Microsoft respectively.
Students become surgeons dissecting fetal pigs in anatomy
by Rachel Chormanski

It’s that time of year again at Keystone Oaks! The halls smell like chemicals and the science students are buzzing with excitement. At the end of each semester, it’s tradition for Dr. Bowlin’s Human Anatomy students to have the opportunity to dissect fetal pigs as a part of their final exam. This way, they can visualize exactly what the body systems they’ve studied all semester look like in real life.
Keystone Oaks’s New Year’s Resolution
by Rachel Chormanski

Every year, people vow to renew themselves with the turn of the new year, however, fail to keep those promises within the first week. Whether they plan on renewing their mind or body, starting a new work ethic, or just becoming more productive, New Year’s is an easy excuse for people to remake themselves.
Drive to save a life

by Christian Barker

In December 2015, more than 50 brave students attending Keystone Oaks high school donated blood during the annual blood drive held at the school. Dr. Don Bowlin, a science teacher at KO, supervised the operation. Nurses form Central Blood Bank went to the school to make it all happen.
Keystone Oaks students give the Hill District a facelift image Keystone Oaks students give the Hill District a facelift
by Vivi Besteman
On Monday, December 7, 2015, eleven Keystone Oaks students began developing ideas for a project that could potentially give the city of Pittsburgh a new personality.
The Hill District, once home to a thriving jazz community composed of almost 40 music clubs, has been supplanted by the remnants of the demolished Civic Arena, now a parking lot, and aging buildings that provide an unsightly and dated atmosphere.
The story of Hanukkah: the Festival of Lights
by Rachel Chormanski

Everyone in America is mostly familiar with the jolly story of Christmas: Santa Claus and his elves work year-round making toys for the good boys and girls of the world until December 24th, when he travels the entire world in his sleigh to deliver everyone’s presents… very believable. However, the story of the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah, is one that has not reached the same audience of Christmas. So today I’m here to tell you the story of the Festival of Lights.
Marching towards Christmas
by Zach McKay

On Saturday, December 5th, Dormont borough hosted its annual Christmas Holiday Parade. Organizations such as the Keystone Oaks Golden Eagle Marching Band, the Dormont Twirling Corps, and the Keystone Young Marines marched down the streets of West Liberty and Potomac Avenue. Most of the organizations were Christmas-themed; for example, the Marching Band wore Santa hats, and played festive music. Sophomore Ben Hommrich commented on the tunes.
Warriors through and through
By Christian Barker

The 1948 Washington Capitals, 1993-94 Houston Rockets, 1957-58 Boston Celtics and the 2015-16 Golden State Warriors all have one thing in common. The best starts record to start an NBA season. The only difference between the four teams is three of them lost before the sixteenth game of the season. It's been twenty three games and the Warriors still have not lost.
ISIS Strikes Paris, Says U.S. is Next
by Nick Callas

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is a terrorist group that strikes fear into world leaders by attacking several nations around the world. In 2004, the group began with al-Qaeda and leader Osama bin Laden. Not until 2014 did ISIS brand themselves by breaking away from al-Qaeda and proving to be more brutal at seizing land. Most recently, ISIS targeted and attacked Paris, France attempting to send a strong message around the globe.
KO students take on politics in Mr. Murphy’s class
by Rachel Chormanski

In this modern age, it’s easy to be connected globally and at the same time unaware of current events or political scandals that shock the world, and even when you do find a knowledgeable group, it’s not often for them to be teenagers or students. Mr. Murphy, our very own History teacher, is trying to change that statistic.
KOMS presents Seussical
by Zach McKay

Just last week, Keystone Oaks’ Middle School unfolded their carefully planned, rigorously rehearsed, and perfectly portrayed musical, consisting of nearly all of Dr. Seuss’ own stories, called Seussical, and was directed by history teacher Shane Hallam. Fan favorites such as The Cat in the Hat, Horton Hears a Who, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas came to life as the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders acted and sang the children’s musical drama.
Setting up all night
by Haley Johnsen

It’s the one night of the year that Keystone Oaks High School students have to pull an all-nighter. The girls’ volleyball team holds a fundraiser where teams compete in a volleyball tournament all night long. Students create their own teams and create t-shirts to display their name. Everyone brings sleeping bags and pillows to use when they are not competing, and they surround the hallway in front of the gym. In the end there is one winning team and a bunch of tired teenagers who just want to sleep.
Pittsburgh light up night sparks holiday spirit
by Vivi Besteman

On Friday, November 20th, the city of Pittsburgh held its annual Light up Night, beginning with the iconic lighting of the tree in Market Square at 5:30 pm. The event was estimated to have attracted crowds of almost 500,000 people, the overwhelming presence of which was definitely felt.
The most wonderful time of the year
by Vivi Besteman

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I think it’s safe to say we are quickly approaching everyone’s favorite time of the year: Christmas. While there really is no place like home during the holidays, the magic of the Christmas season reaches full force in the city that never sleeps.
Who’s got talent? Keystone Oaks sure does!
by Rachel Chormanski

Keystone Oaks High School has recently finished another successful showcase of their most talented students in the show Varieties. A large number of students participated in the showcase full of musical numbers, dances, short skits, and hilarious emcees.
The terrible case of senoritis
by Haley Johnsen

School is in full swing and we are starting the second nine weeks. For seniors they only have so many months left in their high school career. I, myself, am a senior and when I started writing this paper I had the first two sentences down, then I let it sit there for a week. Now it's a couple days before this is due and I'm stumped on what to write about.
Allied with the Elderly
by Zach McKay

On Wednesday, November 3rd, Keystone Oaks hosted the 88th annual Varieties show in the auditorium. The early-morning show was held for the elderly population of the district. These men and women were given lunch at the lunchroom after third period, before A lunch, and were able to eat with the cast and crew in the show. The Keystone Oaks Allies club, run by English teacher Rebekah Brooks, helped the elderly, assisting the senior citizens by carrying their lunch trays from the “Eagle’s Nest” food line to their tables, and later walking them through the school to their seats in the auditorium to watch the show.
Thanksgiving Traditions Thrive in KO
by Rebecca Enright

Thanksgiving, a holiday full of gratitude, a familial atmosphere, and delicious food. People across the U.S. have a variety of traditions on this day, from eating a particular meal to just treating it as any other day. Keystone Oaks has its fair share of Thanksgiving Day celebrators, as well.
Hints on taking your driver’s knowledge test
by Nick Callas

This article will most definitely save your life when it comes to driving. I, myself, have been to four different places and know a good deal of what most instructors are looking for in a driver. When a person turns 16, most people think driver’s license and being able to obtain some independence in the world, but slow down. Before the license, you have to deal with a little piece of paper called the Driving Learner’s Permit.
A play to remember for KO's juniors
by Christian Barker

The College Prep English classes in 11th grade read The Crucible by Arthur Miller. The kids and faculty enjoyed it so much and wanted to witness it reenacted in real life. So, they did just that.
The Crucible is a story that focuses on the inconsistencies of the Salem Witch Trials and the extreme behavior that can result from devious yearnings. Miller bases the play on the historical account of the Salem Witch Trial.
A Year of Change for the KO Hockey Team
 by Vivi Besteman

After being placed in a different division and finding themselves under the leadership of two new coaches, the Keystone Oaks hockey team has been struggling to maintain the continuity and close-knit relationships that make a team strong. The team has played six of twenty games so far this season, with a record sporting two wins and four losses.
Ghosts and goblins take over KO
by Nick Callas

Boo! That's usually what you hear when Halloween is right around the corner. As for the Best Friends Club here at Keystone Oaks, they've got a good Halloween treat. The Best Friends Club is a club supporting special needs students by planning activities, such as sports or dances. This year, on Friday, October the 30th, the Best Friends Club threw a Halloween party/dance for all the special needs students here at KOHS.
Aqua Club and swim team are back and making a SPLASH
by Rachel Chormanski

Fall sports are coming to an end, so make way for the swim team, one of Keystone Oaks’ biggest winter sports.

Coached by Bill Straw, the Keystone Oaks Coed Varsity Swim Team is prepared for an epic season full of newcomers and old-timers alike. Last winter season, the team lost some key swimmers due to graduations, so this year they are happy to announce many new freshmen are joining the team. Some of the freshmen have already competed with the older swimmers in Aqua Club, a program for all ages up to 18, interested in swimming.
Powderpuff football: From eyeshadow to eye black
by Christian Barker

The battle of the year at KO is on without a doubt always on the gridiron. One game decides who walks away a champion and who walks away a loser. More than 20 girls leave it all on the field for the chance to be crowned champions of powderpuff football.
The Mendelssohn Choir coming soon
by Rebecca Enright

The Junior Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh is comprised of 51 kids ranging from 8th to 12th grade and has been a presence in the city since its origination in 1986. It performs primarily classical pieces, but this year its repertoire also features some Irish and Scottish numbers that give the concert a bit of a Gaelic aura. The songs for the concert include (but are not limited to) Cúnla, Pergolesi’s Magnificat, and never-before heard Requiem Fragments by Junior Mendelssohn Alumna Katherine Pukinskis, who wrote it specifically for this choir.
School Spirit is on the Way Out?
by Rachel Chormanski

It seems that school spirit has dramatically decreased in the past few years; is it no longer cool to be enthusiastic about sports teams and school events? High School students have always been portrayed as ardent supporters of sports teams, teeming with school pride. However, it seems as if the notion of being proud of your education is important.
Online health course - what you need to know
by Zach McKay

Back in June of last year, I and the rest of the 11th grade received a letter in the mail containing a username, password, and link to a website that would host the first required online class at Keystone Oaks: health. This year, the 11th (and some 12th) graders were asked to finish this course by the end of the 2016 school year; however, the amount of students that didn’t even know about this course was staggering. To me, this is astonishing, especially since the year-long online course is a graduation requirement.
‘Tis the season to do math problems
by Rebecca Enright

Math Club kicked off its year with the annual CalcuSolve competition, which was held at the University of Pittsburgh rather than Duquesne where it has been since 2013. Overall, the competition seemed a bit smaller in size, in regards to number of teams and room, but the change did not really affect the basis of it. KO performed pretty well this year, because despite not placing, students personally earned their best scores.
Holyland to Homeland- Pope Francis visits the U.S.
by Zach McKay

No score and seven years ago, our holy father brought upon this continent… himself. All of America’s eyes were fixed on Pope Benedict XVI as he made his way from his home in the Vatican Guesthouse in Vatican City all the way to the United States, beginning April 15 and ending on April 20, 2008. Just recently the Pope visited the US, but this time it was not Pope Benedict; it was Pope Francis that toured the country. The 2013-elected Pope visited prominent cities like Washington DC, New York, and the nearby Philadelphia.
Getting in the spirit: the Homecoming bonfire gets KO fired up
by Vivi Besteman

With the much anticipated October 10th Homecoming dance this past weekend, the Keystone Oaks Pep Club was kind enough to organize a district-wide bonfire on Thursday, October 8th. The bonfire took place at the baseball field behind Green Tree Elementary, where the school’s spirited club had set up refreshments such as hot chocolate, apple cider, and pizza as well as music provided by a live DJ, adding a lively touch to the night.
The iPhone is my phone
by Christian Barker

Recently, I have had the pleasure of getting my hands on the world's most advanced cell phone. The iPhone 6s is by far the best Apple phone on the market. Due to its high resolution screen and new 3D touch feature, among many other complex features, this device is revolutionary.
KO competes in a battle of brains
by Vivi Besteman

On Saturday, September 12th 2015, myself and two other seniors, Jarod Cheslar, and our captain, Conor Tokarsky, were given the opportunity to represent Keystone Oaks High School at a taping of Hometown HighQ, hosted by Rick Dayton, at KDKA studios in downtown Pittsburgh. Though we ultimately came in third place, the experience of being in a television studio and interacting behind the scenes was undoubtedly unique.
KO volleys its way to victory
by Rebecca Enright

This week the girls’ volleyball team won against South Allegheny, the game ending with a score of 3-0.
So far this year the AA team has five wins and five losses and is led by co-captains Laura Poliziani and Kristy Lippert. They have played against Thomas Jefferson, South Fayette, East Allegheny, Steel Valley, West Mifflin, and Seton-LaSalle. KO alumni Ben Van Balen and Travis Michter are the head coach and assistant coach, respectively, and they utilize a 5:1 rotation with the center position playing all around, which appears to be an effective strategy against these teams given KO’s standings. The girls also have their standard pregame routine of warm-ups and music to get themselves in the right game-mindset.
Students bid Hagy a farewell during the first pep rally of the year
by Rachel Chormanski

On Friday, September 18th, 2015, Keystone Oaks said their final goodbyes to their principal of 18 years in a pretty unorthodox way: selfies. Scott Hagy, an honorable principal of almost two decades, has recently found a new passion to pursue during his retirement from teaching; He loves taking selfies...almost too much.
Secrets, Secrets are no fun, unless you share with everyone
by Haley Johnsen

"I am a professional kendama player for the USA team." Quick, who said this?
Zackary Yourd, a student teacher to Mr. Kevin Gallagher, has another life outside of learning to be a teacher. Shocker!
Unless you have any sort of math class with Gallagher, you would not know of his side kick. For those of you who don't, pay attention because here's the dirt.
The freshman experience from a freshman’s perspective
by Lydia Chaikowsky

The 2015-2016 freshman class have taken on Keystone Oaks High School by storm. It’s a thrilling new adventure for some, and a terrifying endeavor for others. Two of Keystone Oaks freshmen, Linda Washburn and James “Jimmy” Moore have given their opinions on this new experience.
Octoberfest… in September?
by Zach McKay

Each year, Pittsburgh’s own Greentree borough hosts the popular fall festival called “Octoberfest”. The weekend-long festival was held last weekend, September 19-20, and was considered a huge success. There were activities like the annual Car Cruise, free train rides, and even a Chili Cookoff Contest. But Octoberfest wasn’t always like this; in fact, it wasn’t even spelled the same way.
No matter the score, KO wins
by Christian Barker

The Keystone Oaks girls' soccer team has a new driver behind their wheel. Her name is Danielle Kandrack. With four total years of coaching and a second place finish in a city league under her belt, she looks to grab hold of the reins and league KO to victory.
Advice to Incoming Freshmen
by Vivi Besteman
It’s that time of the year: the air is crisper, the leaves are starting to change colors, the pumpkin spice latte is back at Starbucks, and, if you listen closely, you might hear the sigh of a distressed senior. With college right around the corner, many of us are struggling jump headfirst into the application process. The endless questions, essays, recommendations, and transcripts have proven to be the slightest bit overwhelming, especially for those who pushed back the thought of going to college in the hopes of “dealing with it later”.
A piece of history lands in Pittsburgh
by Zach McKay

The US Navy’s WWII Veteran landing ship LST 325 recently visited the Pittsburgh area this month. This unnamed ship now belongs to a nonprofit organization in Evansville, Ind., named The USS LST Ship Memorial Inc., and provided tourists a possible once-in-a lifetime opportunity to tour an actual piece of World War 2 history, without having to leave the city.
Keystone Oaks Girls Varsity Tennis volleys for position this season
by Haley Johnsen

Let's shine some light on one of KO’s sport that takes place during the fall season, girls tennis. In the past the girls’ team had an average season, but this year they are hoping to surpass their last season's record. Currently, they have the record of 4-3 for the beginning of their season.
Ninth grade students tour the clubs provided in the high school
by Rachel Chormanski

Freshman Rush: an age old tradition returns to the high school to welcome incoming freshmen and introduce them to the various clubs and activities offered in their new school.
Last week, freshmen students gathered in the auditorium to learn about the various clubs and activities offer, a tradition at Keystone Oaks called Freshman Rush.
The Renaissance Festival is a great escape from modern times
by Rebecca Enright

The Renaissance Festival is an extremely fun time, full of people dressed in costumes that play their character to a “T” (even if some aren’t paid to do so), and food that takes an old-fashioned twist on some of today’s more modern favorites. My personal favorite was the frozen cappuccino (That actually tasted more like frozen hot chocolate), which was the perfect way to cool off in 90-degree weather.
Online Courses: Boost or Bust?
by Vivi Besteman

After having taken two online Advanced Placement courses in one year and beginning my third next week, I feel well-acquainted with the processes of this system.
Eventually hoping to go to law school, my undergraduate studies will no doubt be filled with history, political science, social, and economic-focused classes. While Keystone Oaks does offer a good range of courses in these areas, I have, as of this year, taken all the history and English credits we have to offer, ranging from AP English, to AP US and European History, and finally AP Psychology. For me, that wasn’t enough.
Get a “kick” out of Keystone Oaks boys’ soccer
by Nick Callas

Despite the cheesy pun, KO soccer is really a team to watch this upcoming fall.
Following a 4-2 win over Carrick High School, KO faced Bishop Canevin High School on Tuesday, September 1st. KO started off the night unlucky, as a bad deflection yielded a 1-0 lead to Canevin. After that particular play, KO became very conservative, leaving only one man up field. By the time Canevin gained a 2-0 lead, head coach Sotiri Tserekis encouraged the players from the sideline, yelling “Attack the ball!”
Will the Eagles soar this year?
by Haley Johnsen

It’s that time of the year again, when the leaves turn beautiful colors and the air is crisp. Also, The Golden Eagles begin their season. That's right, it’s fall! With the change of the weather comes a sport that most people are all over. Every man's’ obsession and what some women dread, football.
Student Senate trying for fairness and equality
by Christian Barker

Student Senate was established in order to give the Keystone Oaks students a voice, a voice that not only helps the student body, but helps out the community.
It is not like students requests go unheard either. They have made significant changes to the boys restrooms by adding in much needed mirrors. Also, they have doubled the number of drinking fountains. One of their biggest tasks with the new principal, Mr. Hartbauer, is establishing a fair dress code for the student body.
The KOHS library: a sanctuary for learning
by Lydia Chaikowsky
The library, recently considered “the perfect sanctuary for learning” by a passerby, is always available to students searching for a quiet environment full of knowledge.
The Keystone Oaks High School Library, run by Mrs. Longo, offers many things for the academic student. If you’re looking for a peaceful place to study, the library hosts a silent study hall from 7:15 a.m. to 7:45 a.m.
Keystone Oaks band is playing with fire
by Zach McKay

This year has so far proven to be of the largest change-filled years Keystone Oaks has ever seen. There’s the new principal with his new policies, the newly paved roads and sidewalks, and even the updated football jerseys. However, one of the biggest changes this year is one you may or may not have already heard: the revamp of the Keystone Oaks Marching Band.
The first look at a new course
by Rebecca Enright

This school year, AP Comparative Government and Politics, a class that has not been offered since 2010, is being taught by Mr. Murphy.
The class studies Iran, China, Russia, Nigeria, Mexico, Great Britain and the European Union. It may seem like a boring or work-filled class at first glance, but in the first week it has proven to be an interesting and relatively fun course. Murphy promised for a relaxed year, as it is his first time teaching it. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t require work and effort like any other AP course.

Hartbauer’s Game Plan for Keystone Oaks
by Rachel Chormanski

Keith Hartbauer, the new principal of Keystone Oaks High School, has finished his first week of highschool, for the second time in his life.
Schooling has always been important to our new principal; Hartbauer finished his high school career at Somerset Area High and then moved on to Slippery Rock University to pursue a degree in Health Physical Education and Athletic Training.  
Keystone Oaks is Not Scott Hagy

by Vivi Besteman

After eighteen years with the district, Scott Hagy made the decision to leave his position as Keystone Oaks High School Principal, effective September 21st, 2015. Popular amongst students and faculty alike, Hagy takes with him the sense of stability he established over the years and the knowledge of “which disciplinary and leadership techniques work best with students”. Such knowledge Hagy attributes to experience alone, an accomplishment he hoped to secure after beginning his career at a time when the High School had “seen the arrival and departure of four Principals over the span of only two years, eliminating any sense of the order that was fundamental to the school’s success”.

KO grad speaks about mental illness
By David Domalik

We’ve all sat through boring classes that warn us against doing drugs, drunk driving, smoking, etc. Often the bland information goes in one ear and right out the other without effect. On March 20, Keystone Oaks took a different approach and invited former student Ian Cummins to share his real-life story in an assembly with seventh graders in Mrs. Ostrowski’s health class, hitting closer to home than a standard class.
Keystone Oaks’ newest Public Relations Coordinator has much to offer
by Rachel Chormanski

Sarah Welch was hired in the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year as Keystone Oak’s newest Public Relations Coordinator. She brings a positive attitude, fresh ideas, and modern ideas of reaching out to students and parents of the district.
A Model Citizen – Gina Pacak
By David Domalik

She said it herself: “I’m just a normal girl.” At first glance, it might seem that way. Gina Pacak lives in Green Tree with her family (consisting of her parents, a younger brother and sister, three cats, and two dogs). If you take a closer look you start to see what makes this Keystone Oaks freshman stand out. Gina was an Irish dancer for eight years, enjoys art, and performed in the school musical. Now, Gina can add something else to her résumé… she recently was scouted and has signed a modeling contract with IMG Models, the world’s number one international model management firm with offices in New York, Paris, London, Milan, and Sydney
AP Comparative Government and Politics Comes to Keystone Oaks
By Mackenzie Marino

Excitement has hit Keystone Oaks as a new AP class has been added – AP Comparative Government and Politics. Among the people excited is Mr. Murphy himself, who is teaching the class.
RSS Feeds can save time online
By David Domalik

Today there are thousands of news sites, blogs, and other online publishers each with a different website. Instead of visiting each website to stay up to date, RSS feeds can combine all their updates onto one page. This is especially useful for websites that add articles or announcements often.
Review: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (Platform: PS3)
By Matthew Waigand

Metal Gear Solid is known for its stealthy missions and enemy infiltration going as undetected as possible. Kojima studios took a break from this formula in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. It’s a high-speed, action-packed, cyborg hack and slash, where instead of sneaking up on enemies, you rush head on into them and use a high frequency blade to take them down. The protagonist, instead of Solid Snake or Big Boss, is Raiden, the protagonist from MGS 2: Sons of Liberty.
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