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Annual Screenings
Each year, students will receive the following screenings:

  • Height, Weight, and BMI - The Pa Department of Health follows a state mandate to try to combat the problem of growing obesity. BMI (Body Mass Index) is a required screening for all K - 12 students. A BMI-for-age percentile is calculated based on the height and weight measurement of your student and this "index" or number will indicate whether your student is underweight, growing in a normal pattern, at risk for becoming overweight, or overweight.

    The BMI is a screening tool only and does have its limitations. For example, athletes may have a higher BMI due to increased muscle mass. Parents will be given the confidential results of this screening and it is recommended that they share these results with their child's health care professional. 

  • Vision - Vision screening is performed every year on all K - 12 students. Again, this is only a screening and should not take the place of a complete eye exam by an eye care professional. Screening for depth perception, color vision, and hyperopia (farsightedness) is also done once during the elementary years. Parent will be notified by mail if their child does not pass the screening. If your child wears glasses or contacts, please the child to wear them at school. 

  • Hearing - Hearing screening is performed every year on students in grades K- 3 and in grades 7 and 11. This is only a screening and should not take the place of a complete ear/hearing exam. Parents will be notified by mail if their child does not pass the screening.

  • Scoliosis - Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) is a state mandated screening for students in grades 6 and 7. If the screening is not done privately, it will be done by the school nurse. A letter notifying parents of the school screening will be sent home prior to it being done. Refusal for participation must be in writing.
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